Soldering Workshop with IEEE and ASME

Date: Wednesday, September 27

Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm

Place: TI Lab (Eng2 Atrium)

This workshop is great if you want to learn how to solder (an important skill that engineers will need for their classes and careers). Stop by anytime between 11am and 3pm at the TI Lab in Engineering 2 atrium to learn this skill. Hope to see everyone there!

Texas Instrument’s BeagleBone Workshop

BeagleBone Black Getting Started with Embedded Linux
* Join us for a 2 hour workshop 5:30-7:30PM, Tuesday 08/29/2017 in Engineering II building: Room TI Innovation Lab first floor *

= Dinner provided =

You may know Linux, but it is a different world when it comes to embedded devices. Check out the open source BeagleBone Black single board computer and see how it is well suited for creating applications that rely on a variety of peripherals. In this workshop, students and instructors will have fun programming in Python to get some data from the real world and create a game based on real feedback from inputs and outputs.
Participants will need to bring a laptop to interact with the BeagleBone Black hardware.

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Upcoming Events

Parseval Info Session

Date: Wednesday, February 22
Time: 7:00pm
Place: HEC 101

Come out and learn about Parseval, a startup company founded here in Orlando! This is a great opportunity to learn about how Parseval was created, what challenges it faced along the way, and what it’s like working in a startup company! Free food will be provided!

Summer STEM Internship

iD Tech is looking for fun-tech savy people to work at summer technology camps this summer. With 160 locations across the country including 5 in Florida, why not spend your summer instructing, mentoring, and building your resume at one of our amazing programs?
Take the first step to a great summer! Learn more & Apply today


Interested in IOS/Android app development? Join SHPE UCF to gain experience in creating a mobile app for their club!
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Other Events

Duke Energy Info Session: 2/14, 4:30-6pm, CSEL 121
Deloitte Consulting LLP Info Session: 2/15, 12-1pm, HEC 101
Aon Info Session: 2/15, 5-6pm, CSEL 121
U.S. Marine Corps Officer Selection Team Info Session: 1/23, 4:30-6pm, CSEL 121
Walmart Technology & Information Security Info Session: 1/25, 12-1pm, HEC 101