Students should pursue scholarships by researching all possible avenues and starting the process early. Also, having a current financial aid application (FAFSA) on file in the UCF Financial Aid Office can open up additional scholarship opportunities.  Below are current scholarship announcements.

CECS Scholarships

Continuing full-time CECS students may apply for the many scholarships offered by the college, many of which are funded by donors who want to help students succeed. Each November, information about CECS scholarships is posted, and students have through January to apply. Awards, announced in April, are applied for the following academic year (ex: Aug – May). Stop by Academic Affairs Office (ENG I, Room 107); or email to learn more.

In 2019, CECS awarded $182,250 in scholarships to 113 students.

CECS Scholarship Information

1) Review the scholarship offerings and the detailed criteria for each scholarship before applying.

2) Review the application guidelines before submitting the application.

3) Apply online through your student portal.

  1. Scholarships for which you are eligible will appear in your Student Center. –> Student Self Service –>  Scholarship Application –> Home Page
  2. Only scholarships for which you are eligible will appear in your myUCF student center.

4) Upload supporting documents within the online application, prior to submission.

5) Read Scholarship FAQs here.

6) Scholarship Information is located here

CECS Scholarship Recipients

Recipients are expected to send a thank-you letter to the donor of the scholarship. A copy of the letter must be submitted to the CECS Academic Affairs Office in ENG I, Room 107.