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Through the generosity of many donors, the College of Engineering and Computer Science offers various scholarships to support undergraduate and graduate students. Beginning in January 2022, students may search and apply for scholarships using the A2O: Access to Opportunities online scholarship application system.


Awarded in College Scholarships




College of Engineering


Incoming Freshman


CECS Graduate


CECS Diversity


Electrical & Computer Engineering


Civil, Construction, & Environmental


The Process

Applying for Scholarships
  1. Log in to A20 by visiting UCF Financial Aid.
  2. Once you have logged in, complete the short one-time general application.
  3. After the application is completed, you will be matched with college scholarships for which you immediately qualify during the open scholarship cycle. No further action is required for those scholarships.

You may find UCF scholarships as well as external (public and private) scholarships that you can apply for during the 2023-2024 academic year. However, unlike the college scholarships, these scholarships are not filtered. Therefore, you must take the time to carefully read the descriptions to make sure you qualify for them. To browse scholarships awarded through the Office of Student Financial Assistance, select “ours” under “opportunities” for UCF scholarships. For external scholarships, select external.

Accepting Scholarships

Scholarship recipients will receive an email notification regarding their awarded scholarship. Recipients must accept the offered scholarship in A2O and submit a thank-you letter before the scholarship award can be processed.

Thank-you Letter

Your thank-you letter should include:

  • How the scholarships will benefit you.
  • Why you chose your program of study.
  • Involvement in college and community activities.
  • Plans after you graduate.
Scholarship Reception Program

All scholarship recipients are invited to the College of Engineering and Computer Science Scholarship Reception to celebrate and honor recipients and donors. Students may be asked to meet with donors throughout the year or to participate in engagement opportunities.

Application Window:
February 1 to
March 15