Our Distinguished Alumni

CECS distinguished alumni are our shining stars.

Each spring, CECS recognizes and honors distinguished alumni for their remarkable professional contributions and their dedication to the college and UCF. The University of Central Florida was established in the spirit that if we reach for the stars, dreams come true.

Fall 2019 Honorees

Denver Stutler, Jr. ’87 ’89MS

CEO, U.S. Submergent Technologies



John Stevens ’96

CTO/Founder, Cole Engineering Services


Phillip Dumas ’05

Founder, Unikey Technologies

Tandreia Bellamy ’98MS

Engineering VP, UPS Global Freight Forwarding

Catherine Kammerer ’13MS, ’15 PhD 

Senior Manager, Aerojet Rocketdyne

Michael Piatek ’02, ’05

Director, Walt Disney World’s Architecture and Facilities Engineering

Fall 2018/50th Anniversary Honorees

Anurag Pande, M.S., CE, ’03; Ph.D., CE, ’05

Kathryn Kinsey, M.S., CS, ’79; Ph.D., CS, ’83

Herbert R. Gingold, B.S., EE, ’91; MBA, ’14

Lucy C. Morse, M.S., ENGR, ’82; Ph.D., IE, ’87


David Reid, Ph.D., MSE, ’12

Mark Blue, B.S., ME, ’89; M.S., IE, ’08; MBA, ’10

Frank A. St. John, B.S., EE, ’87; M.S., EE, ’91

Martin “Marty” Wanielista, Ph.D. – Dean’s Award

Spring 2018 Honorees

Jeremy Dilmore, B.S., ME, ’02; M.S., CE, ’05

Dan Schiappa, CS, ’87-’90

Shamik Sengupta, Ph.D., ’07, CPE

Amanda Mitskevich, M.S., EM, ’92


Petya Georgieva Fernlund, Ph.D., MSE, ’06

Zachary Quandt, B.S., ME, ’84

Ankush Oberai, M.S., EE, ’83