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All are welcome to visit our main academic buildings. While CECS does not offer formal college tours, visitors can learn a lot just by seeing what our faculty and students display on our walls and in our atriums of CECS’s main academic buildings.

Engineering I Building
12760 Pegasus Drive

Home to the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and the CECS Office of Academic Affairs, CECS Office of Outreach, and the CECS Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Engineering II Building
12800 Pegasus Drive

Home to the Department of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering, and the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems. This building’s atrium features four modern, high-tech Maker Spaces – The Harris Corporation Gathering Lab, the Idea Lab, the Texas Instruments Innovation Lab and the Manufacturing Lab. Here students meet to unleash their creativity and transform brilliant ideas into working prototypes. Visitors will enjoy seeing our students’ energy and talent here. Many eye-catching student engineering projects are on display.

L3Harris Engineering Center
4328 Scorpius Street

This modern glass building is home to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; and the Department of Computer Science. It also houses the CECS Dean’s Office and other administrative offices.

UCF Campus Tours

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers guided tours of the UCF campus twice each week day and Open Houses on select Saturdays. Learn more here.


The University of Central Florida is big. To help you navigate, use the physical addresses above in your map application. You can also use the UCF Map Locator to help find our buildings.

Other Locations
  • AMPAC Research Facility

    12712 Ara Drive

  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Lab Building

    2765 Ara Drive

  • Siemens Energy Center

    12781 Ara Drive

  • Engineering Research Pavilion

    12871 Ara Drive

  • Engine Research Lab

    12741 Ara Drive