UCF Professor Kien Hua is known for creating the technological backbone that makes video streaming possible on the Internet.

Dr. Hua has become the UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science’s (CECS) newest Pegasus Professor, the highest faculty honor at UCF. The award recognizes extraordinary contributions to the UCF community in the areas of research, teaching and service. The award is the most prestigious a faculty member can receive at UCF.

Other 2013 winners, who were recognized at UCF’s recent Founder’s Day ceremony, are: Robin W. Roberts from the College of Business Administration; Lisa Dieker from the College of Education; Demetrios Christodoulides from the College of Optics and Photonics; and Deborah Beidel, Humberto Campins and James D. Wright of the College of Sciences.

With Dr. Hua’s award, CECS now has nine Pegasus Professors in its faculty ranks.

Dr. Hua’s contributions have not only propelled computer science research forward, but they have also revolutionized the way people communicate.

His research helped make video streaming over the Internet a reality, and his outside- the-box thinking created a reproducible model for on-demand movies and news that people use every day. Dr. Hua’s “chaining” technique also made video over the Internet possible for consumers. His computer work has also helped in medical imaging of tumors and in automatic traffic management on highways. Dr. Hua’s strength is his ability to keep pushing the boundaries of technology.

For example, he is developing a first-of-its-kind airborne communication network capable of following user groups to ensure communication connectivity while flying.

“Dr. Hua’s research work has had a profound impact on society,” said Dr. Mubarak Shah, nominator and director of UCF’s Center for Research in Computer Vision. “The extent of Dr. Hua’s first-rate contributions and recognitions for his work in so many fields have had a very broad impact on the international visibility of UCF. Few people have made this level of contributions to our university.”

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