International Engineering – How Do I Get Started

How Do I Get Started?

Undergraduate students in engineering, computer science and information technology in the UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science who meet the following requirements are eligible:

  • A minimum UCF 3.0 GPA (cumulative)
  • Junior or senior status at time of study abroad
  • Must have at least one semester left to graduate after semester abroad
  • Not on academic probation or have financial holds
  • Must be registered full time while participating in the exchange

How do I apply?

Students in the International Engineering Program should work in conjunction with the program’s advisors and the UCF Abroad Office to understand and complete the timeline of important tasks in order to prepare for their study abroad experience.

  1. Complete the Study Abroad Interest Form found here:
  2. Meet with a program advisor in CECS Academic Affairs office. See contact information
  3. Select courses from abroad institution from the study abroad course database
  4. Discuss study abroad and finances with family members
  5. Take language / major coursework at UCF to fulfill prerequisites prior to studying abroad.
  6. Apply to the UCF Study Abroad
  7. As directed, apply to university abroad and comply with policies, procedures, and deadlines.
  8. Obtain passport and the required
  9. Declare optional minor online through the MyUCF Student Center


Program advisor: Maureen Waked

To schedule appointment (407) 823-2455, ENG1: 107

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Waldemar Karwowski  Chair, Industrial Engineering and Management Systems

Timeline to Prepare for Study Abroad

Meet with advisor 9 months to 1 year prior to study abroad semester

When is the best time to go?

The ideal time to study abroad is the second semester in your junior year before starting the Senior Design sequence or other Capstone courses. Going abroad in other years is possible, but may limit the variety of coursework available to you. Studying abroad in your final semester before graduation is highly discouraged.

If you are interested in taking the international minor, review the catalog requirements.