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How much does it cost?

Budgets for each exchange program vary. A typical semester exchange costs around $8,000 excluding UCF Tuition. Consult each program’s budget page for a closer estimation as some range below the $8,000 average. UCF exchange programs allow students to use their full financial aid package in most cases. This page talks about a variety of funding options, and ultimately procuring the necessary fund to go abroad is the sole responsibility of the student.

Program details and budgets can be found on

UCF General Financial Aid

Several sources of small amounts of money are available throughout UCF:

External Scholarships

There is a wealth of opportunities available from third party organizations dedicated to promote study abroad by American students. These are:

  1. The Gilman Foundation
  2. The Fulbright Program
  3. The Whitaker Foundation
  4. National Security Education Program
  5. Study Abroad Scholarships
  6. Domestic Exchange and Study Abroad Programs
  7. International Financial Aid and College Scholarship Search
  8. International Scholarships
  9. Financial Aid for Study Abroad
  10. Study Abroad Loans
  11. SIT Study Abroad
  12. Study Abroad Scholarships and Financial Aid

These opportunities are available directly to the student, so it is incumbent upon the student to apply directly for grants and loans through these organizations.

Social Network

Study abroad is a large financial commitment. While there are a variety of ways to fund this type of opportunity, we encourage students to seek support from family and community members. Support from family can be critical beyond the financial realm, but we also encourage students to engage their social network to find additional support. Many organizations, clubs, churches, and extended family members may have the ability to support your effort to travel abroad. When budgeting, every dollar counts, so small contributions go a long way to ensuring a secure and successful trip abroad.