Degree Programs

Master’s Degree Programs

  • Aerospace Engineering (M.S.A.E.)
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering (M.S.C.E., M.S.)
  • Computer Engineering (M.S.Cp.E.)
  • Computer Science (M.S.)
  • Data Analytics (M.S.)
  • Digital Forensics (M.S.)
  • Electrical Engineering (M.S.E.E.)
  • Engineering Management (M.S.E.M.)
  • Environmental Engineering (M.S.Env.E., M.S.)
  • Industrial Engineering (M.S.I.E., M.S.)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (M.S.M.S.E.)
  • Mechanical Engineering (M.S.M.E.)
  • Modeling and Simulation (M.S.) ** Interdisciplinary program administered by UCF College of Graduate Studies with CECS faculty participating.

Doctoral Degree Programs

  • Civil Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Computer Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Computer Science (Ph.D.)
  • Electrical Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Environmental Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Industrial Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Modeling and Simulation (Ph.D.) ** This interdisciplinary program is administered by the College of Graduate Studies, and many CECS faculty participate in the program.

Certificate Programs

Graduate-level certificate programs that consist of 12-20 credit hours provide opportunities for working professionals to upgrade their skills. Students enrolled in degree programs may also apply for a certificate program and are encouraged to speak to a graduate program coordinator about their interests.

Certificate programs available in CECS are:

  • Civil Engineering – Construction Engineering
  • Civil Engineering – Structural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering – Transportation Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering – Applied Operations Research
  • Industrial Engineering – Design for Usability
  • Industrial Engineering – Industrial Ergonomics and Safety
  • Industrial Engineering – Project Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering – Quality Assurance
  • Industrial Engineering – Systems Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering – Systems Simulation for Engineers
  • Industrial Engineering – Training Simulation

Learn More:

For complete information on the degree and certificate programs offered and the requirements for each, see the current  UCF Undergraduate Catalog and UCF Graduate Catalog.