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Undergraduate Degree Programs

For complete information on the degree and certificate programs offered and the requirements for each, see the  UCF Undergraduate Catalog.



A minor is a complement to a bachelor’s degree program/major requiring at least 18 credit hours in a field. A minor allows students to specialize in a particular area of study or to study something that is a secondary interest. The addition of a minor may extend the time to earn a degree in the major field.

Minors can be declared through the MyUCF portal. Instructions for changing or adding a major, minor, or certificate may be found at: change major

For more information on minors, please visit our minors page.

Engineering Pending Status

Transfer and freshman students entering the University of Central Florida who select engineering as a major are classified as engineering pending based on their chosen discipline. For example, aerospace engineering pending, computer engineering pending, and so on. Once admitted to the University and upon evaluation of the engineering pending requirements, students will either be asked to declare their specific engineering discipline, or remain in the Engineering pending category until the semester in which they are completing their final engineering pending courses.


Students must complete the following pending courses with a “C” (2.0) or better and be in good academic standing before the College of Engineering and Computer Science will approve a major change request to move from the “pending” category into a specific engineering discipline.

MAC 2311C: Calculus with Analytical Geometry 1
MAC 2312: Calculus with Analytical Geometry 2
PHY 2048C: Physics for Engineers and Scientists 1
CHS 1440, CHM 2045C, or appropriate Chemistry equivalent

When can I declare my engineering major?

In the semester that students are completing their final pending requirements, they are eligible to submit a change of major request. Instructions for changing or adding a major, minor, or certificate may be found at: change major. Submitting the change of major request before the withdrawal deadline of the semester that the final pending requirements are being taken is critical to prevent registration problems. Upon submission of the change of major request, students meeting the appropriate requirements will be granted access into a select group of upper level engineering courses.

Transfer or Accelerated First-Year students must submit a change of major request prior to attending UCF orientation if all pending requirements have been completed. If the student is in the process of completing the final pending courses, the student will be contacted before their scheduled Orientation to submit a change of major request. This will allow students to enroll in a select group of upper level engineering courses during the registration component of Orientation.

For more information on access to major courses while in pending status, Click Here.

Undergraduate Advising

For advising, students can choose to speak with the CECS Academic Affairs Office (AAO), the department advisors, and faculty advisors. AAO handles general academic advising as well as advising on UCF policies and procedures. Departments and faculty offer advising on career and research fields that are particular to their areas of study.

Academic Affairs Office is located in ENG1, Room 107, and is open 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday. AAO requires mandatory advising for Undecided Engineering majors and students on Academic Alert or Academic Probation.


Academic Affairs Advisors

Call the Academic Affairs Office at 407-823-2455 to reach the advisors below.

Director: Kim Small
Advisor IV: Meena Datta
Advisor III: Nina Leonard

Advisor III: Anna Canlon

Advisor III: Ashley Duprat
Advisor II:
Diane D’Avanzo

Advisor II: Karen Dlhosh 

Advisor I:  Stephania Hayes

Advisor I:  Laura Beth Rogers

Advisor I: Melissa Morency


Students declared as Undecided Engineering are required to meet with an AAO advisor for schedule planning to ensure they are taking the appropriate prerequisite math and science courses and are working toward making a decision regarding which engineering discipline they want to study.

CECS Progress Policy

The College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) adopted a new retention policy, the CECS Progress Policy, beginning with the Summer 2015 semester for students admitting to UCF in a CECS major.  This policy will also apply to students readmitting to UCF in a CECS major or changing their major to another CECS program beginning in Summer 2015. Students reapplying to UCF or submitting a change of major request to a CECS major who would be on probation under the CECS Progress Policy may be denied (re)admission to a CECS major if the college determines there is great risk to successfully completing the intended program while on probation under the CECS Progress Policy.

The CECS Progress Policy is designed to encourage successful completion of a degree at UCF.  The college believes that the adoption of this policy will positively affect time to degree completion, excess hours, indebtedness, future employability, and congestion in key UCF courses.  The policy measures the number of low grades, withdrawals, and repeated attempts of courses taken at UCF.  For detailed information on the Progress Policy, click here.



CECS Departmental Advisors by Major

Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering
Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. Kevin Mackie
Undergraduate Advisor: Mary Smith

Computer Science and Information Technology
Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. Mark Heinrich
Undergraduate CS Advisor: Jenny Shen
Undergraduate IT Advisor: Sean Donovan

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. Parveen Wahid
Undergraduate Advisor: Charlese Hilton-Brown
Industrial Engineering
Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. Luis Rabelo
Undergraduate Advisor: Christin Saro

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. Hyoung Jin Cho
Manager, Academic Advising:  Lynn Grabenhorst
Undergraduate Advisor:  Bonnie Esparza

Academic Alert and Probation

Academic Alert is an intervention advising program for students who have experienced a significant slide in their grade point average. Students identified as having a continued slide or low term grade point average are required to complete an online workshop or schedule an appointment with an AAO advisor.

Students placed on academic probation are defined by the university as having a less than 2.0 UCF grade point average. CECS requires students who have been placed on probation to participate in an online workshop their first semester on probation. Students who continue on probation for additional semesters are required to meet with an AAO advisor.


CECS offers tutoring each term in such courses as Intro to C Programming, Object Oriented Program, Solid Mechanics, Statics, Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Principles of Electrical Engineering (and Electrical Networks), Physics for Engineers I & II, Probability and Statistics for Engineers and other courses. The courses supported in the Tutoring Center can vary from term to term, depending on the availability of trained tutors. The center is staffed by advanced students with exceptional academic records who have been trained for this role by the Student Academic Resource Center (SARC).

The CECS Tutoring Center is located in ENG1, Room 281. Hours are generally Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Students interested in meeting with a tutor are encouraged to consult the schedule to determine when tutors for their courses are expected to be available.

For additional information about the Tutoring Center, please contact Mrs. Mirelys Medina, ODI Administrative Assistant, at 407-823-3466.

Undergraduate Important Dates