Lucy C. Morse, M.S., ENGR, ’82; Ph.D., IE, ’87

Associate Professor Emerita Lucy C. Morse was honored in 2011 by the American Society for Engineering Education for lifetime achievement in engineering management education – a notable distinction for someone who began her engineering career in her 50s.

Twenty-four years earlier, she became the first woman to earn a UCF engineering doctorate degree when she received her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering in 1987. The engineering technology and distance learning expert has won numerous awards at UCF, served on the UCF faculty senate, worked on editorial boards of engineering journals, is an ASEE Fellow, and has authored or contributed to hundreds of articles and referenced speaking engagements.

Dr. Morse co-authored a Prentice Hall textbook, Managing Engineering and Technology, used in classrooms worldwide, and managed two distance learning video series, “Beyond Chalk: Teaching with Technology” and “Reach Out and Teach: Designing Distance Education,” that aired nationally on PBS.

In 1990, she became the first person from UCF to work at the National Science Foundation. Her three year job at NSF was to recruit more women and minorities into engineering.

Dr. Morse moved to central Florida in 1978 after working in Massachusetts developing software to design oil refineries. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, a UCF master’s degree in engineering and a UCF doctorate degree in industrial engineering. She resides in Winter Park, Florida.