Jeremy Dillmore, B.S., ME, ’02; M.S., CE, ’05

Jeremy Dilmore is the Transportation Systems Management and Operations Engineer for the Florida Department of Transportation District 5 and is Central Florida Automated Vehicle Partners chairman.

In this position he is responsible for leading FDOT’s technology efforts including working in the fields of signal timing optimization, managed lanes, simulation modeling, and connected and autonomous vehicles. Jeremy is also the operations lead for the I-4 reconstruction projects.

Jeremy is working with faculty in UCF’s nationally recognized Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation, which researches traffic safety, intelligent transportation systems, traffic simulation, transportation demand analysis, and planning. In this capacity, he is overseeing the implementation of driverless UCF shuttles on campus this fall. The electric shuttles will operate along two routes that bisect the campus core. The project is part of a $12 million federal grant awarded to UCF in 2017 to assist transportation planners in developing intelligent systems aimed at enhancing safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Lessons learned with the UCF shuttles may apply to Orlando’s bus transportation systems.

Jeremy holds UCF bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering, and molecular and microbiology. In 2005, he earned a master’s degree in civil engineering, focusing his studies in transportation engineering.