Ranganathan Kumar

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering



  • Professor


  • Associate Editor, ASME Thermal Science and Engineering Applications


  • Associate Dean for Research and Administration


Ph.D. Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

M.S. Aerospace Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology

B.S. Aeronautical Engineering Madras Institute of Technology

B.S. Mathematics University of Madras

Research Interests

Laser-based measurements; Droplet and Spray Drying in Acoustic Field; Microfluidics/Nanofluids Heat Transfer; Infra-red thermography

Selected Publications

  • Wilson, J, Wehking, J.D. and Kumar, R. 2013. Uniform alumina microspheres from Temperature Induced Forming in a microfluidic T-junction. Appl. Phys. Lett. 103:203115
  • Yakshi-Tafti, E., Cho, H.J. and Kumar, R. 2011. Diffusive Mixing through Velocity Prof:ile Variation in Microchannels. Experiments in Fluids, 50:535-545.
  • Saha, A., Basu, S. and Kumar, R. 2012. Effects of Acoustic Streaming-induced Flow in Evaporating Nanofluid Droplets. J Fluid Mechanics. 692:207-219.
  • Kumar, R and Milanova, D. 2009. Effect of Surface Tension on Nanotube Nanofluids. Applied Physics Letters. 94:073107
  • Kumar, R, Tijerino, E, Saha, A and Basu, S. 2010. Structural morphology of acoustically levitated and heated nanosilica droplet. Applied Physics Letters. 97:123106