Anton DeVilliers

Anton is the R&D Director, Patterning Technology SMTS at Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL), where he is responsible for advanced lithography and patterning pathfinding. His work at TEL includes logic scaling analysis with the development of many scaling boosters and patterning strategies to extend scaling through integration.

An Oregon native, Anton moved to South Africa with family where he earned his undergraduate degree in Physics & Solid State at University of Cape Town. After returning to the U.S., he continued his studies at the Oregon Center for Optics at University of Oregon.

He began his professional career at Hyundai Semiconductor in Eugene, Oregon, which later became Hynix. Anton then held Lithography R&D Area manager positions at Maxim Semiconductor, Cypress Semiconductor, and at Micron Semiconductor, where he lead the technology team for lithography and was responsible for R&D in both the optical and chemical lithography application spaces.

Anton holds numerous patents, including pitch quadruple and other double patterning technologies.