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Virtual Parent Orientation: A New Tradition for UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science

By: Kimberly Lewis | August 23, 2021

Approximately 100 parents and family of new students at the University of Central Florida’s College of Engineering and Computer Science joined a virtual orientation on Aug. 19 – two days prior to the start of the Fall 2021 semester – to learn more about the college and what their students may experience.

Participants Zoomed-in from more than 12 U.S. states and internationally to attend the first-ever CECS New Parent and Family Orientation, organized by Dean’s Office staff who intend to host future parent and family orientations at the start of every semester.

The event included welcomes from Michael Georgiopoulos, Ph.D., dean, and The Honorable Beverly J. Seay, UCF Trustee, as well as presentations from faculty, staff and students about COVID-19 safety protocols, the CECS Academic Affairs Office, advising, the Introduction to Engineering course, hands-on learning experiences for freshmen, the UCF Engineering Leadership and Innovation Institute, tutoring, networking, student organizations, and ways to support the college to contribute to students’ success.

Loubensky “Lou” Baine, an aerospace engineering student; Mitch Hunsucker, an industrial engineering student and member of the UCF Engineering Leadership and Innovation Institute; and Daniel Trimble, a computer science student and president of the student organization Hack@UCF, shared their insights about the CECS student experience, and encouraged new students to take advantage of the many resources available, such as tutoring and student organizations.

“The CECS students who spoke at the end of the orientation really gave me a sense of what’s to come for my son,” says new parent Ana Correa Desmond, who attended the orientation. “It also gave me reassurance that UCF truly does have a stellar program with advisors and faculty ready to help and clubs, internships, and career fairs to get involved in.”

Desmond says she appreciated the orientation and was impressed with the faculty. “The teachers spoke with such enthusiasm and excitement that I wanted to join the program! They offer so many opportunities for students to join and get involved right away as freshmen.”

Anyone who missed the live Zoom session can watch a recording of the Fall 2021 CECS New Parent and Family Orientation on the UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science’s YouTube channel.