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Presenter Title of Presentation Contact Video
AM Keynote
Jason Eichenholz, Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer, Luminar Technologies Leveraging the Magic of the Region: How We Grew a High-tech Company in Orlando View
Student Experience Panel (shared video)
Angela Alban, President and CEO, Simetri, Inc. Student Panel View
Phil Dumas, Creator and Founder, Unikey Technologies Student Panel
David Nash, CEO and Co-Founder, IDEM Systems Student Panel
Oscar Rodriguez, Chairman, CEO NovaCharge Student Panel
Research Experience Session
Charles Hughes, Pegasus Professor of Computer Science, CECS, UCF Examples of Different Ways TeachLivE Can be Used to Help Prepare Educators View
(Part 1)
Lisa Dieker, Pegasus Professor and Lockheed Martin Eminent Scholar, CCIE, UCF Examples of Different Ways TeachLivE Can be Used to Help Prepare Educators View
(Part 2)
Anton Hopen, Managing Partner, Smith & Hopen Examples of Different Ways TeachLivE Can be Used to Help Prepare Educators View
(Part 3)
Leon Glebov, Research Professor, CREOL, UCF Volume Holographic Elements – From New Phenomenon to Successful Enterprise View
Joshua Kaufman, Multi-Material Fiber Device (MOFD) team, CREOL, UCF User-Controlled Color-Changing Fabrics View
Mike Kinzel, Assistant Professor, MAE, UCF

Kareem Ahmed, Associate Professor, Dept. Of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, UCF

A Natural way to Prevent Transmission Not Available
Guifang Li, Professor, CREOL, UCF Photonic Tensor Accelerators (PTA) for Artificial Neural Networks Not Available
Mansooreh Mollaghasemi, Founder & CEO, FleetZoo FleetZoo – Solving the Last Mile Problem for the 21st Century Enterprise View
Renato Pichilingue, CEO, IntegSence

Reza Abdolvand, Associate Professor and Director of the Dynamic Microsystems Laboratory, ECE, UCF

Non-Reciprocal Acoustoelectric RF Devices View
Alumni Experience Session
Pooyan Baluchian, Founder, MaPoo Solutions, LLC Smart Hotel Ranker Towards a Better Look-to-Book Ratio View
Christina Drake, Founder and Manager, Kismet Technologies Harnessing the Disinfecting Power of Nanoceria for Safe Consumer Use View
David Reid, CEO, Helicon Chemical Company Advanced Fuels and Propellants Not Available
Arun Singaraju, Manager, Velmeni HealthCare Conversational Interface Not Available
Joe Sleppy, Co-Founder, Capacitech Energy, Inc. Lessons Learned Commercializing: Wire-like, Flexible Supercapacitors View
Investor Experience Panel (shared video)
Kathy Chiu, Managing Partner, DeepWork Capital Investor Experience Panel View
Jennifer Dunham Investor Experience Panel
Rebecca Liu-Doyle, Principal, Insight Partners Investor Experience Panel
Sydney Rossman-Reich, Managing Partner, PRN Real Estate & Investments Investor Experience Panel
PM Keynote
Kevin DiMarzio, Vice President of Business Development, Made in Space Living and Working in Space: The Made in Space Journey View
Tom O’Neal, Professor IEMS, Founder of UCF Business Incubation Program, UCF I-Corps View
Issa Batarseh, Professor of ECE, Founder and Director of the Florida Power Electronics Center (FPEC), UCF & FSEC I-Corps View
Cameron Ford, William & Susan Crouse Endowed Professor of Entrepreneurship, Founding Director UCF’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) and Director of the Blackstone LaunchPad and Techstars Entrepreneurship Network Blackstone Launchpad Panel View
(Part 1)
Michael Pape, Professor of Practice, Dept. Of Management, College of Business, UCF Blackstone Launchpad Panel View
(Part 2)
Ron Wilkinson, Principal, Nperspective Blackstone Launchpad Panel View
(Part 3)
Mason Mincey, COO & Cofounder, Soarce Blackstone Launchpad Panel View
(Part 4)
Abhishek Sastri, Co-Founder, FLUIX LLC Blackstone Launchpad Panel View
(Part 5)
Suneera Madhani, Founder and CEO, Fattmerchant

Ben Patz, Founding Partner and Managing Director, DeepWork Capital

How To Pitch Your Idea View
Tom O’Neal, Professor of IEMS, Founder of UCF Business Incubation Program, UCF SBIR-STTR – An Overview View
Benjamin Pearman, Co-Founder, COO and Lead Scientist, SynMatter LLC Syn Matter: Protection with Smart Particles View
Ivan Garibay, Director of the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Initiative, The Complex Adaptive Systems Laboratory (CASL) and the Master of Science in Data Analytics (MSDA); Assistant Professor, IEMS, UCF UCF Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Initiative CASL/MSDA View
Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Pegasus Professor & Chair, CECE, UCF Addressing Traffic Safety: Challenges using Active Traffic Management Technology View
Roger Azevedo, Professor, Dept. of Learning Sciences and Educational Research; Lead scientist for the Learning Sciences FCI Cluster, UCF Augmenting Human-Machine Intelligence with Data Analytics View
David Mohaisen, CS Associate Professor and Director of Security and Analytics Lab (SEAL), UCF Malware Analysis and Detection Using Machine Learning View
Yogesh Rawat, Assistant Professor, CRCV, UCF Real-Time Activity Detection in Untrimmed Security Video View
Qun Zhou, Assistant Professor, ECE, Director Smart Infrastructure Data Analytics Lab, UCF Data Analytics in Smart Energy Systems View
Svetlana Shtrom, Director, Office of Technology Transfer, Office of Research and Graduate Studies Technology Commercialization at UCF View
Alicja Copik, Associate Professor of Medicine, UCF Natural Killer Cell Biology and Cancer Immunotherapy Not Available
Rob Igarashi, VP of Discovery and Pre-clinical Development, Kiadis Pharma Natural Killer Cell Biology and Cancer Immunotherapy Not Available
David Hagan, Interim Dean, CREOL, UCF Introduction to Optics and Photonics Research at CREOL View
Rodrigo Amezcua Correa, Associate Professor, CREOL, UCF Powering Future Optical Networks with Light Shaping Fiber Optics View
Kathleen Richardson, Pegasus Professor of Optics and Materials Science and Engineering and Florida Photonics Center for Excellence (FPEC), Professor at CREOL, UCF Advanced Functional Optical Materials View
Martin Richardson, University Trustee Chair, Pegasus Professor, Northrop Grumman Professor, Professor of Optics, Physics and ECE, CREOL, UCF Higher Power Lasers and Their Applications View
Shin-Tson Wu, Pegasus Professor, CREOL, UCF New Optics and Materials for AR/VR Displays and Photodynamic Therapy View
UCF Incubator/Tech Grove
CarolAnn Dykes, Director, Programs & Operations, UCF Innovation Districts & Incubation Program Innovation, Commercialization, Entrepreneurship View
Captain Timothy Hill, USN, Commanding Officer, USN, Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division Tech Grove: Central Florida Team Orlando Collaboration View
Marcy Muldrow Sanders, PhD, MBA, University Program Director, National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) National Security Innovation Network: Mission & Programs View
Trent Smith, Technology Transfer Officer, NASA Kennedy Space Center Tech Transfer Expansion (T2X) View
Necati Catbas, Co-Founder at Transtek International, Professor, UCF

Enes Karaaslan, Co-Founder, Connected Wise

MR Assisted Smart Concrete Inspection View
Tolga Ercan, Co-Founder, Connected Wise

Enes Karaaslan, Founder and CEO, Connected Wise

Smart Traffic Signs for Automated Driving Systems View
Deepak Pandey, PhD Student, UCF

Kowsik Sambath Kumar, PhD Student, UCF

Jayan Thomas, Professor, MSE, NSTC, UCF

Energized Composites View
Mason Mincey, COO & Cofounder, Soarce Soarce Not Available
Derek Saltzman, CEO & Co-Founder, Soarce Soarce Not Available
Jonathan Reyes, Founder, Synergy Research LLC

Kareem Ahmed, Associate Professor, MAE, UCF

Next Generation Hypersonic Reactors View
Abhishek Sastri, CEO & Co-Founder, FLUIX LLC

Eduardo Castillo, CTO & Co-Founder, FLUIX LLC

The Performance Standard of Cooling Systems for the Workstation & AEC Industry
(winning pitch)
Anthony Terracciano, Research Manager, MAE/CATER, UCF

Subith Vasu, Associate Professor, Center for Advanced Turbomachinery and Energy Research, MAE, UCF

Terahertz Sensing & Concealment Technologies View
Caicai Zhang, PhD student, MSE, NSTC UCF

Adrianna Restrepo, Chief Marketing Officer, QLEDCures, LLC

Yajie Dong, Associate Professor, MSE, NTSC, UCF

Enabling Technology for Photomedicine View