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To qualify for an undergraduate teaching assistant (UTA) or an undergraduate learning assistant (ULA) position, candidates must meet the criteria that are established by each of the participating units

To learn more about the criteria for each unit, candidates should follow-up with the appropriate point(s) of contact listed above. Generally, strong candidates for these positions meet the following characteristics:

  • Be a sophomore, junior or senior
  • Have excellent communication and people skills
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Be in good academic standing with no academic integrity policy violations
  • Must be a current undergraduate student (i.e., post-baccalaureate or graduate students may not apply)

For most assignments, UTAs or ULAs must have completed the course with an “B” or better grade. The list of courses are listed in the application.


If selected, you will be required to complete basic training. The training will be determined by the hiring college/department for the course(s) to which you are assigned. Details about the training requirements will be provided once the selection process is complete. All UTAs and ULAs will receive feedback on their performance.