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Applying to be an UTA/ULA

A few months before each term (approximately mid February, June and October), an email invitation will be sent to eligible CECS students soliciting submissions to become a UTA or ULA. Using the online application, students can apply for the upcoming term’s open positions.

Students currently working as a UTA or ULA in the current term do not need to submit a new application. Instead, they will be sent a “rehire survey” allowing them to express their interest for the future term.

Selection and Hiring

The CECS academic departments will review applications and department representatives will be contacting selected candidates on a rolling basis after the posted application deadline.

If selected for either a UTA or ULA position, students need to:

  1. confirm your acceptance of or decline the position with the department coordinator within 48 hours of the offer,
  2. log in to and monitor Workday (accessible on the page) for hiring tasks and
  3. quickly respond via your UCF email account to any paperwork requests from CECS Human Resources.

Students should complete the hiring process quickly in order to be eligible to start as a UTA or ULA when classes begin. It can take 4-6 weeks to move through the hiring process. Any delays by you can lengthen this process and your ability to begin work on the first day of classes. You CANNOT begin work until you have completed the hiring process and the FERPA training module.

The final step in hiring is the I-9 verification. To prepare, we suggest you have the proper documentation for hiring in your possession. The hiring process requires that you provide the following:

  • Your Social Security card and
  • Your state-issued driver’s license or passport for identification.

Students who are citizens of foreign countries will need to meet with UCF Global to initiate the hiring process.

All students selected to a UTA or ULA position will (1) attend a kick-off meeting the Friday of the first week of classes and (2) complete necessary training. Portions of this training are required for all UCF employees while others are specific to your role as a UTA or ULA. More information will be provided at the time of your hire.


Please note that, because of the number of undergraduate teaching assistants and undergraduate learning assistants, some instructors may be unable to provide textbooks. For that reason, you’re encouraged to retain your textbooks from your classes. In the event that an instructor changes the textbook for a course, you may need to share or borrow a textbook from other UTAs or ULAs, or from the course instructor. Please inform the lead instructor if this situation arises.

Conflicts of Interest

As a UTA or ULA, you should be particularly careful to avoid inappropriate relationships and conflicts of interest. In particular:

  • If a previous relationship exists — for example, if you are assigned to assist with a class that one of your family members is taking — then you must inform the teacher. You should not be grading work of anyone with whom you have a close relationship. In extreme cases, it might be necessary to change your assignment to another class; however, course instructors can usually set up procedures, such as having other UTAs evaluate the student’s work, that will address the situation without requiring a course change.
  • You should avoid creating new conflicting relationships. For example, do not ask a student in a class for which you are assisting to go out on a date.

Be very careful with situations such as these. When in doubt, ask the class instructor or the appropriate department staff.