The new programs – a doctoral degree in Aerospace Engineering; a nationally unique master’s degree in Smart Cities; and a Materials Science and Engineering bachelor’s – have been added to meet the workforce needs in diverse fields that fuel Florida’s rapidly growing economy. All programs will begin in August 2019.

The new doctoral degree in Aerospace Engineering, offered by the UCF Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, is designed to supply a workforce to the expanding list of new commercial space companies in Florida and beyond, such as SpaceX, Blue Origin and others. It also helps fill an employment gap created by major research and development companies that have brought thousands of jobs to the central Florida region, such as Space Florida and Northrop Grumman.

The first-of-its-kind Smart Cities master’s degree program will help engineers and city planners prepare for rapidly emerging technologies being integrated into urban systems – such as transportation, traffic management, utilities and water resources – to make cities more efficient, sustainable, connected and resilient. Offered by the UCF Department of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering, the Smart Cities program is offered as a specialty track of UCF’s longstanding master’s degree in civil engineering.

And the UCF Department of Materials Science and Engineering will add a bachelor’s degree to its academic offerings that include a master’s and doctoral program. The bachelor’s program will emphasize lab and experiential learning to help undergraduates become materials engineers who are employed in fields as wide ranging as space, defense, electronics, energy and biomedicine. The interdisciplinary nature of MSE combines engineering, physics and chemistry to design and manufacture materials that all other engineering fields require.

To learn more about the degrees, visit the department websites:  UCF Department of Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringUCF Department of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering, and UCF Department of Materials Science and Engineering.