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March 20, 2019

  • Building Security –Safety of the Staff / Faculty / Students in the building
    • The College is adding Access Control to all of the exterior doors of HEC –Bldg. 116. Now all three buildings will be able to secure and on a time schedule.
    • Also, Security Cameras will be installed in common areas of all three Engineering buildings.
    • Always Remember, No one is above the law “See something… Say something”
  • Employee of The Semester
    • And the Winner is……..– Dr. G awarded Cecilia Elias with the EOS for the Summer of 2018!
    • EOS Committee – has a new committee member, Jodi Elder from MSE.
    • Nominations for EOS Fall 2018 (web site) has currently 9 nomination
  • Committee Reports
    • 24 Hour Day of Giving – Olivia presents the 24 hour day of giving, March 28th in the Eng.2 Atrium. Please come out to support.
    • Good Will – Valentine’s Day Bake Sale Results in memory of Mari Pina, was a huge success in her memory!
    • The Staff discussed the Summer Staff Party “FUN N SUN” Party….. July / August (TBA) – Nanette is heading this committee.
    • CECS Garage Sale: post items for sale or to give away – If you would like to participate, please send all inquiries to Pete, he will generate a list and post it for anyone interested.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.



September 12th 2018

E.O.S. Award – Dr. G presenting to the Erin Ward Employee of the Semester for Spring 2018!

Staff Website:

  1. Thank You to Liz Stalvey for instrumenting the new Staff Website
  2. Tech Support is currently working on creating a user-friendly staff web site. (They should have it up and running in the next few weeks).
  3. The voting for the E.O.S. now will be all online

Heart Walk Talk – Charlese Hilton Brown is walking to support this great cause. Proceed from the Staff Halloween Bake Sale will be donated to this year’s Heart Walk on November 3rd, 2018

Bake Sale – Bring back the annual HALLOWEEN on October 31st, BAKE SALE: Benefiting this year’s Heart Walk….

The Committees:

  1. The Employee of Semester:  – Charlese Hilton-Brown, Terrell Hodges, Erin Ward, Tedra Johnson & Mari Para
  2. The “New” Goodwill Committee – Charlese Hilton-Brown, Terrell Hodges, Juno Pierre & Erin Ward:
  3. Social Committee – Party Planners: Francesca Botteri, Jen Flacker, Nanette Aubert, Sophie Cortes-Thomas, Cherie Stevens, Kate Hurt & Sarah Perez
  1. Staff Council ‘s Core Four – Michael Morris has volunteered as Treasurer:

On Friday, October 26th, the Department Halloween Décor Contest:

Chairperson: Juno Pierre (We need a representative from each department to be on the voting committee). If you are interested, please contact Juno to serve!  NOT a UCF-CECS Funded Event!

Rules of the Contest:

Each Department will be voted on 3 categories:

Originality … Participation & Treats…. “FUN SIZE” means real fun treats.

The designated area is the Main lobby in each Department!