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Congratulations to the CECS Employee of the Semester for the Summer 2018 semester!


Cecilia Elias



“Their technical skills are beyond reproach, as is their ability to resolve complex issues.  This person consistently asks to take on additional responsibilities and has the unique ability to complete new tasks with little if any assistance.  They are always the go-to person when procedures change within the University.  In addition to all these wonderful traits, they are a pleasure to work with.  Regardless of the situation, they always stay calm, composed and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Over the last several years, CECS has grown exponentially as has the workload.  Our employee of the semester has absorbed the increased work without complaint.  They have rolled up her sleeves to figure out efficient ways to complete the work.  Additionally, this last semester, our area has been down support due to vacancies and FMLA.  On each occasion, this person has volunteered to stay late or work weekends to ensure that faculty and/or students do not suffer any adverse consequences.”