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Our office facilitates the research endeavors of faculty and students in the UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science. Our trained staff are available to help researchers:

  • Work as a liaison between UCF Office of Research and the college. Provide guidance and assistance in proposal preparation for external and internal funding agencies.
  • Work as a liaison with other units, both on-campus and externally to rectify pre and post award issues.
  • Assist faculty in identifying research opportunities.
  • Facilitate strategic partnerships which can involve multiple disciplines, other UCF colleges and external entities such as industry, government and other universities.
  • Advise on sponsored project issues such as patents, copyrights, reporting, expenditure allowability and interpreting agency guidelines.

Who We Are

CECS – Research Contacts

*For requisitions, ePafs, purchasing, etc… please contact appropriate department personnel

ENG 2, 202A conference Room Reservations: Cheryl Stevens, Administrative Assistant

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