CECS Office of Research

Our office facilitates the research endeavors of faculty and students in the UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science. Our trained staff are available to help researchers:

  • Work as a liaison between UCF Office of Research and Commercialization and the college. Provide guidance and assistance in proposal preparation for external and internal funding agencies.
  • Work as a liaison with other units, both on-campus and externally to rectify pre and post award issues.
  • Assist faculty in identifying research opportunities.
  • Facilitate strategic partnerships which can involve multiple disciplines, other UCF colleges and external entities such as industry, government and other universities.
  • Advise on sponsored project issues such as patents, copyrights, reporting, expenditure allowability and interpreting agency guidelines.

Who We Are

Dr. Ranganathan Kumar

Associate Dean

Ginny Pellam

Assistant Director

Sarah Carter

Research Coordinator

Katie Le

Research Coordinator

Diane Maldonado

Research Coordinator

CECS - Research Contacts

DepartmentCollege Contact*ORC Proposal ContactORC Contract ContactORC Post-Award Contact
CECE (including CATSS, Coastal & StormwaterSarah CarterStephanie Rodriguez-MakhloufJoel Kennedy - all but CATSS
Amber Thorne - CATSS
Michael Minutelli
CRCVSarah CarterEmily BennettJoel KennedyMichael Minutelli
CSKatie LeMatt CronanAmber ThorneSreela Mallick
Dean's OfficeGinny PellamEmily BennettJoel KennedySreela Mallick
ECEKatie LeMatt CronanAmber ThorneKalpana Deva
IEMSGinny PellamEmily BennettAmber ThorneSreela Mallick
MAEDiane MaldonadoEmily BennettAmber ThorneSreela Mallick
CATERDiane MaldonadoEmily BennettAmber ThorneMichael Minutelli
MSE (including AMPAC)Katie LeStephanie Rodriguez-Makhlouf - MSE
Erica Spaulding - AMPAC
Amber ThorneVenessa Nieves
FCITamara Gabrus**Emily BennettJessica Frisch-DaielloSee Department Contact
* Contact for proposals and post-award contractual concerns. For requisitions, ePafs, purchasing, etc... please contact appropriate department personnel
**Tamara is out until the fall, please contact Jim Smith (jc.smith@ucf.edu) for any proposals
ENG 2, 202A conference Room Reservations: Cheryl Stevens (Cheryl.Stevens@ucf.edu), Administrative Assistant
Contact Information:
Bennett, Emily - Emily.Bennett@ucf.edu
Carter, Sarah - Sarah.Carter@ucf.edu
Cronan, Matt - Matthew.Cronan@ucf.edu
Frisch-Daiello, Jessica - Jessica.Frisch-Daiello@ucf.edu
Gabrus, Tamara - Tamara.Gabrus@ucf.edu
Kennedy, Joel - Joel.Kennedy@ucf.edu
Le, Katie - Katiel.Le@ucf.edu
Mallick, Sreela - Sreela.Mallick@ucf.edu
Maldonado, Diane - Diane.Maldonado@ucf.edu
Minutelli, Michael - Michael.Minutelli@ucf.edu
Nieves, Venessa - Venessa.Nieves@ucf.edu
Pellam, Ginny - Ginny.Pellam@ucf.edu
Rodriguez-Makhlouf, Stephanie - Stephanie.R.Makhlouf@ucf.edu
Spaulding, Erica - Erica.Spaulding@ucf.edu
Thorne, Amber - Amber.Thorne@ucf.edu

Helpful Links:

  • ARGIS, Paris and Aurora
  • Internal budget template
  • Pre-award Account Request Form
  • ORC’s 5-day Rule
  • Research Development Funder Tool kits (helpful templates for federal proposals)