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Approved HEC Entrance Approved ENG1 Entrance Approved ENG2 Entrance

Lab Restart Form: PDF

Lab Check-In/Check-Out Form: PDF

Please upload completed Lab Restart Forms on this page.

1. How do I access my building and my lab?

If you are on the approved list and you received an email from Cherie, your ID card will work starting today. You may enter and exit only through the main door of each building (Eng 1 main lobby; Eng 2 back loading dock doors near the machine shop; HEC 102 — see pictures above). Make sure you follow all the procedures and the 6 steps sent to you earlier.

2. How do I get access to PPE?

The college will provide some cloth and regular disposable masks upon request (Pete: 407-488-5930). Hand sanitizer stations are at the entrance to each building. Please bring your own wipes and sanitizers for your lab. We will have these supplies in the near future. If you do not have these supplies at this time, you (lab PI only) can request PPE from UCF Department of Emergency Management at 407-882-7111.

3. How do you or your student register to enter and exit the building?

Either use the attached form to register through qualtrics or for check in and for check out.

4. What do I do if I don’t have current access to my lab and did not get an email from Cherie?

If you are on the remote list and have not received an email from Cherie, but want your students to work in your lab, please request new access by providing details such as emails, phone, PIDs, room & building numbers for yourself and your students to Cherie.

5. Are there special access procedures for buildings outside of engineering campus (Engr 1, Engr 2, HEC)

Those working in buildings outside of the three main engineering buildings can use their key to enter their buildings and follow the same procedures.

6. May I prop the door open for my students and faculty?

No. This is a violation of the law.

7. Have my laboratory, nearby restrooms, and common areas in the engineering buildings been sanitized?

It is not known. Follow safety procedures… clean surfaces, use PPE. Tables with equipment are not usually cleaned by janitorial staff.

8. Do I need to inform my student about lab safety and other procedures?

Yes. In addition, Dr. Ali Gordon will be sending a message about lab safety procedures to the graduate students.

9. I have undergraduate students working in my lab. Can I allow them to continue?

It is up to the PI to bring UG students to their labs. However, special permission is required from VPR. The students need to be registered prior to entering the lab.

10. I am not able to access EHS website with my PID or last name.

Please contact support at EHS.

For more details, refer to