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UCF Business Incubation Program

T he goal of the UCF Business Incubation Program (UCFBIP) and its community partners is to facilitate smarter, faster startup and growth of emerging companies so those companies will become financially successful, high growth companies in the community.

UCFBIP clients are provided an array of business development services and resources to help accelerate growth. The formal incubation process takes place through a series of strategic and tactical working sessions. The strategic sessions are designed to help define the company business, market and capital strategies and to build the business plan. Expertise and resources are identified for the company to utilize in addressing tactical needs as they are identified through the strategy sessions or through other informal interactions with Incubator staff and advisors.

Regular education and networking programs also are designed to address the shared needs identified among UCFBIP clients. Graduation takes place when a client has achieved a level of financial and corporate growth that enables them to leave the incubator and enter the second stage of corporate growth.