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PAD6746 Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer and Commercialization

University of Central Florida

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"…if a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilization,
it expects what never was & never will be."

— Thomas Jefferson

PAD 6746 - 3 Credit Hours
This graduate course provides students an overview and understanding of the role research administrators’ play in facilitating the transfer of newly developed innovations into the marketplace. Accordingly, it focuses on technology transfer and commercialization of intellectual property and new innovations developed primarily by researchers and often in collaboration with industry. The course includes readings, deliverables and discussions on intellectual property including copyright, patents and trademarks and the role universities play in technology transfer, commercialization and economic development. Some of the key concepts covered include: patent law (Bayh-Dole Act and the “America Invents Act”), data rights, licensing and other agreements and commercialization including economic development and growth.
This course is a requirement for those seeking a
Graduate Degree in Research Administration; Master of Research Administration

Geoffrey Nicholson said,

“Research is the process of turning money into knowledge;


Innovation is the process of turning knowledge into money.”

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