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The college’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion was created to recruit and retain minorities, women, and underrepresented groups into the college at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

We believe that the unique contributions of ideas and talents from a diverse student body will strengthen the education pillars of the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and benefit our institution and community. Our office is committed to mentoring underrepresented students to foster professional growth, lifelong learning and help them become professionals and tomorrow’s engineering and computer science leaders.

Office Hours

Days:  Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – -5 p.m.
Location:  Engineering I Building, 12760 Pegasus Drive, Suite 281
Phone:  (407) 823-3466
Fax:  (407) 823-3749


For more information, write Dr. LeeAnn Roberts, interim director, at  or visit the college’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion website.