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Mark Heck is director of Cyber Programs, part of Raytheon’s U.S. Business Development organization. He is responsible for cyber market analysis, strategy development and execution of Raytheon’s Cyber strategy aligned with defense markets, and monitoring progress toward topline Cyber growth objectives aligned with the Department of Defense (DoD).

Over the past 20 years, Heck has held senior leadership positions involving strategic planning, business development and operations with a variety of high-technology firms. Prior to joining Raytheon, he was executive director of Secure Intelligence Solutions for Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), an applied research and development firm focused on building next-generation cybersecurity solutions. While at CTC, Heck led the development and implementation of cloud and mobile computing and cross domain solutions. He also served as the CTC liaison to the Senate and House Intelligence Committees for the advancement of national cybersecurity strategy policy and legislation for current and next-generation cross domain solutions technology.

Previously Heck was the division director within the Intelligence and Security Sector of BAE Systems. He was responsible for identifying, pursuing, capturing and executing cybersecurity-related business within the DoD and Intelligence Community markets.

Heck received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Villanova University and master’s degrees in computer science and in business administration from Florida Institute of Technology. Selected as an Industry Fellow, he attended the National Defense University’s Industrial College of Armed Forces (ICAF), and earned a master’s degree in national resource strategy. At ICAF, Heck received the Antonelli Award for Industry Study Excellence for the ICAF Aircraft Industry Study Publication.

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