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Get a Competitive Edge with Us

Contact the directors of the following major initiatives to explore opportunities for working together:

FEEDER Consortium

Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, this consortium is preparing the nation’s energy “smart” grid to transition to renewable energy sources. Join 8 utility companies, 8 universities, 11 industry partners and 2 national labs.

Center for Research in Computer Vision

Computer vision is used in crowd surveillance, visual tracking, facial recognition, human behavior analysis and more. The center’s technology can be used in scanning crowd scenes, analyzing brain scans for tumors, environmental monitoring, and indexing and searching massive databases of images and videos. Prof. Mubarak Shah is the world’s sixth highest-cited author in computer vision in the past five years.

Center for Advanced Turbomachinery and Energy Research

The center intersects 10 core technical areas that advance scientific knowledge and innovation in turbo-machineries and associated technologies to bring higher reliability, higher efficiency and lower emissions in power generation, aviation and space.

Orlando and the central Florida region is a world hub for turbine, energy and space technology development.

Interactive Systems and User Experience (ISUE) Research Cluster of Excellence

The cluster develops innovative technologies related to all forms of computer-based interactive experiences that benefit society. Expertise includes interactive technology; 3D user interfaces; simulation and training; video games; human-robot interaction; virtual augmented reality environments; motion capture technology and more.

UCF Engineering Leadership & Innovation Institute (eli2)

Developing a community of leaders, eli2 offers lifelong engagement to transform students into professionals and leaders. Its mission is to inspire students’ desire to create, innovate, collaborate and deliver world-changing solutions.