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Open Monday – Friday

The Idea Lab is a creative space to go through hosted brainstorming exercises, sketch out ideas on the walls and tables and use the idea-generating technology provided for quick prototyping.

General Rules and Procedures

  • Please swipe your card to sign in upon entering the Idea Lab.
  • Food and drink are NOT allowed without administration approval.
  • Please clean up after yourself.
  • Do not take the furniture.
  • Whiteboards and markers are available for student use. Please do not write on the furniture.
  • Capacity: 50 people

Dr. Hoekstra’s Rules for Creativity

  1. Have a clear and open-ended problem definition.
  2. Do not propose a solution in the process of defining the problem. The reason is that you create the elephant in the room once someone suggests a possible solution, everybody focuses on that solution and can’t get away from it.
  3. Go to your happy place and create as many ideas as you can think of.
  4. Come back to the Idea Lab, put them up on the wall with your team, and start combining, categorizing and building the idea.

Cost: There is no cost to use the Idea Lab space.

Dr. Robert Hoekstra, Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering & Managment Systems, Idea Lab Director
Room: Engr. II 434
Phone: (407) 823-6175

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