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Artificial Intelligence technologies and applications are becoming ubiquitous and affect many aspects of human life. As the impacts of the AI applications become more prominent, it becomes increasingly important to guide the development of these technologies and ensure that AI is beneficial to humanity.

The Human Centered Artificial Intelligence (HCAI) Working Group brings together a diverse group of artificial intelligence researchers and industry leaders to promote robust discussions around grand scientific challenges and opportunities in this emerging area, including important topics of trustworthiness, ethics, the impact of algorithms, human-AI collaboration, and emerging applications.

The HCAI Working Group has organized a 2-day event as part of the Human Computer Interaction International Conference in July 26-27, 2021,

This two-day invitation-only event will have four 2-hour sessions, each with 4-6 experts in the field on July 26 followed by a one-day workshop on July 27 to outline a research agenda and roadmap for HCAI, followed by an article to be published in the International Journal of Human Computer Interaction. The areas of focus include:

Trustworthy AI for a Human-Centered Future
AI, Decision-Making, and the Impact on Humans
Exploring a Human-Centered Future for AI
Human-AI Collaboration