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Historic Day of Giving: $150,878 Donated to the College of Engineering and Computer Science

By: Kimberly J. Lewis | April 8, 2022

In yesterday’s record-breaking 24-hour Day of Giving at the University of Central Florida, hundreds of alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of the College of Engineering and Computer Science gave generously with gifts large and small to support priority college programs such as scholarships, leadership development, STEM diversity and research excellence.

To be exact, 245 donors gave 251 gifts totaling $150,878 to the College of Engineering and Computer Science. University-wide, the college placed sixth for the number of gifts and sixth for the amount of money raised among all colleges and units.

UCF collectively raised more than $3.7 million in the 24-hour period that began at 12 a.m. April 7 and ended at the stroke of midnight April 8. UCF Athletics dominated the donation leaderboards with more than $1.35  million raised, while the College of Arts and Humanities and the College of Business brought in more than $1.25 million in gifts combined. Read “Thank You Knight Nation” on UCF Today to learn more about UCF’s Day of Giving success.

UCF’s Day of Giving was widely promoted by the university in the days leading up to April 7. The day involved competitive fundraising challenges – with numbers updated in real time on the UCF Day of Giving website hosted by the UCF Foundation – for which colleges and units vied for prizes of bonus matching funds in friendly fundraising battles that sustained the excitement during the entire 24 hours.

Hourly challenges to win bonus prize money such as “most alumni participation” or “most money raised in one hour by a college, unit or area” were offered.  By receiving the highest number of gifts between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m., the College of Engineering and Computer Science won the “Early Morning Challenge” and its $1,000 bonus prize. The colleges placement on the leaderboards also led to an additional $6,098.31 in bonus funds.

“Seeing the numbers update in real-time on UCF’s Day of Giving website really kept fueling the excitement, to see how our college was doing compared to the other colleges,” says Francesca Sagliano, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement in the College of Engineering and Computer Science and the college’s primary Day of Giving ambassador. “This new approach successfully engaged our long-time donors and brought in many first-time donors, in ways we’ve never seen before at UCF, or in our college,” she says.

Gifts as small as $5 and as large as $50,000 rolled in throughout the day to benefit engineering and computer science student experience programs and faculty research.

Jacqueline Sullivan ’87, ‘91MS, a UCF engineering alumna who is now an engineering instructor at UCF, made a gift to the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

“Through this college, I received instruction and guidance from incredibly talented professors, I landed an awesome job in my field, and then fate brought me here where I now instruct UCF’s motivated freshmen engineering students. I give back to the college in gratitude and to support our future engineers!”

“I am deeply thankful to our hundreds of Day of Giving donors for their generosity,” says Michael Georgiopoulos, Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science. “To witness this level of support from so many champions of our great college was humbling for me. Their support inspires us to keep striving for greatness. Their support is the guiding light for all of our efforts by many stakeholders who believe in the college’s vision. It was a tremendous day for us.”