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Accountant, CECS Office of Budget and Finance

Mena LaGuardia-Prejido is a mother of three and a grandmother of three. Honing her culinary skills while growing up in the Philippines, Mena is the talent behind a CECS staff potluck favorite: Filipino egg rolls. But the savory food in the Prejido household doesn’t stop with Mena’s dishes. Her husband’s “lechon” – a whole rotisserie-roasted pig – is a popular must-have at Filipino gatherings all over Florida.

Mena is known for helping others, including UCF. Each year, she donates to the UCF Annual Fund. Read more about Mena below:

Responsible for: Keeping track of the expenditures and revenues of three major CECS accounts, and preparing monthly and annual reports.

Why accounting?: I’m comfortable with numbers and I enjoy budgeting. I enjoy calculating numbers.

Where did you grow up?: I was born and grew up in Manila, the central part of the Philippines. I grew up learning and speaking Tagalog and English. I finished my bachelor’s degree in accounting and became an accountant there.

Do you cook Filipino foods? I have been cooking Filipino egg rolls and pancit (rice noodles) since I was a girl. My husband cooks lechon (roasted whole pig). Filipinos who live in Orlando call him to order his lechon. This is because of the Filipino tradition for family reunions and special occasions, there is always a lechon on the table.

Why is giving to UCF important?: I make it a point every year to give donations to the UCF Annual Fund because I know it will benefit the students at UCF, and I know that every donation goes a long way. It feels so good to help those who need help, even in a small way.

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