Internship Pathway

INTERNSHIP is one of the three (3) educational ‘pathways’ that is available to Flit-Path Cohort A1 and A2 students. Since the Flit-Path Program began in 2016, the UCF Flit-Path Team has recruited and maintained relationships with numerous small, mid-size and large companies who were willing to welcome and mentor Flit-Path Computer Science (CS), Information Technology (IT) and Computer Engineering (CpE) interns. In addition to private companies, several UCF Departments offered to support Flit-Path interns who needed to work on campus due to transportation issues. Through a mutual selection process, students accepted internships at these firms (or on-campus departments) and were supported through their Flit-Path stipend award. Over the years, numerous students able to continue their internships through the summer semester and were compensated by their employer.

The UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science wishes to THANK these companies and UCF Departments for supporting and mentoring these students!

The Flit-Path Internship students delivered a PowerPoint presentation at the 3rd Annual Flit-Path Symposium that was held virtually (due to the COVID-19 crisis) on April 13, 2020. These presentations highlighted the project work and experiences they gained through their Flit-Path Internships.

The 2019/2020 Flit-Path Internship Pathway students included:

Luis Alves (3xLogic – SDB)

Connor Austin (nScrypt)

Anthony Benito (NDI Technologies)

Darren Caputo-Yenal (Central Fla. Expressway)

Lucy Golebiewski (Capacitech)

Michael Jolly (H2IT Solutions)

Klayton Killough (Northrop Grumman)

Affner Lefevre (SightPlan)

Aiyana Mallory (Advanced Recovery Systems)

Mirit Marzouk (Orlando Utilities Commission)

Odell Moreno (Northrop Grumman)

Roshan Patel (Advanced Recovery Systems)

Luis Reyes (Advanced Recovery Systems)

Destinee Stephen (UCF CECS IT Support)

Wilfredo Vega (Advanced Recovery Systems)

Toan Vu (UCF, Center for Distributed Learning)