Yongho Sohn

Materials Science and Engineering



Engineering I (bldg. 40) 211




  • Professor


  • Associate Editor, Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion
  • Editorial Board, Defects and Diffusion Forum


  • Associate Director for UCF Materials Characterization Facility


Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering Purdue University

M.S. Materials Science and Engineering Worcester Polytechnic Institute

B.S. Mechanical Engineering Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Research Interests

Materials, Metals, Alloys, Ceramics, Metal Matrix Composites, Microstructure, Diffusion, Thermal Barrier Coatings, Nuclear Fuels, Magnetocaloric Effects, Thermotransport, Electron Microscopy, Characterization

Selected Publications

  • S. Brennan, K. Bermudez, N. Kulkarni, Y.H. Sohn, “Interdiffusion and Intrinsic Diffusion in Mg-Al System,” Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Vol. 43A, (2012), pp. 4043-4052.
  • K. Huang, D.D. Keiser, Jr., Y.H. Sohn, “Interdiffusion, Intrinsic Diffusion, Atomic Mobility, and Vacancy Wind Effects in ? (bcc) Uranium-Molybdenum Alloy,” Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Vol. 44A (2013) pp. 738-746.
  • B. Yao, B. Simkin, B. Majumdar, C. Smith, M. van den Bergh, K. Cho, Y.H. Sohn, “Strain-induced Grain Growth of Cryomilled Nanocrystalline Aluminum in Trimodal Composites during Forging,” Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol. 536 (2012) pp. 103-109.
  • I.V. Belova, N.S. Kulkarni, Y.H. Sohn, G.E. Murch, “Simultaneous Measurement of Tracer and Interdiffusion Coefficients: An Isotopic Phenomenological Formalism for the Binary Alloys,” Philosophical Magazine, Vol. 93, (2013) pp. 3515-3526.
  • C. Bargraser, P. Mohan, K. Lee, B. Yang, J. Suk, S. Choe, Y.H. Sohn, “Life Approximation of Thermal Barrier Coatings via Quantitative Microstructural Analysis,” Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol. 549 (2012) pp. 76-81.