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Yongho Sohn


Department: Materials Science and Engineering
Phone: 407-882-1181
Office: Engineering I Room 211
Resume: Download CV

Research Interests: Materials, Metals, Alloys, Ceramics, Metal Matrix Composites, Microstructure, Diffusion, Thermal Barrier Coatings, Nuclear Fuels, Magnetocaloric Effects, Thermotransport, Electron Microscopy, Characterization

  • Ph.D. Purdue University Materials Science and Engineering
  • M.S. Worcester Polytechnic Institute Materials Science and Engineering
  • B.S. Worcester Polytechnic Institute Mechanical Engineering
  • Professor
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion
  • Editorial Board, Defects and Diffusion Forum
  • Associate Director for UCF Materials Characterization Facility
  • S. Brennan, K. Bermudez, N. Kulkarni, Y.H. Sohn, “Interdiffusion and Intrinsic Diffusion in Mg-Al System,” Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Vol. 43A, (2012), pp. 4043-4052.

  • K. Huang, D.D. Keiser, Jr., Y.H. Sohn, “Interdiffusion, Intrinsic Diffusion, Atomic Mobility, and Vacancy Wind Effects in ? (bcc) Uranium-Molybdenum Alloy,” Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Vol. 44A (2013) pp. 738-746.

  • B. Yao, B. Simkin, B. Majumdar, C. Smith, M. van den Bergh, K. Cho, Y.H. Sohn, “Strain-induced Grain Growth of Cryomilled Nanocrystalline Aluminum in Trimodal Composites during Forging,” Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol. 536 (2012) pp. 103-109.

  • I.V. Belova, N.S. Kulkarni, Y.H. Sohn, G.E. Murch, “Simultaneous Measurement of Tracer and Interdiffusion Coefficients: An Isotopic Phenomenological Formalism for the Binary Alloys,” Philosophical Magazine, Vol. 93, (2013) pp. 3515-3526.

  • C. Bargraser, P. Mohan, K. Lee, B. Yang, J. Suk, S. Choe, Y.H. Sohn, “Life Approximation of Thermal Barrier Coatings via Quantitative Microstructural Analysis,” Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol. 549 (2012) pp. 76-81.