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Woo Hyoung Lee

Associate Professor

Department: CECE
Phone: 407-823-5304
Office: Engineering II Room 406
Resume: Download CV

Research Interests: In situ aquatic microsensor, biofilm disinfection, biocorrosion, water reuse

  • Ph.D. University of Cincinnati Environmental Engineering
  • M.S. Korea University, Seoul, Korea Environmental Engineering
  • B.S. Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Korea Environmental Engineering
  • Associate Professor
  • Lee. W. H., Wahman, D. G., and Pressman, J. G., (2013) Amperometric carbon fiber nitrite microsensor for in situ biofilm monitoring, Sensors and Actuators B, 188, 1263-1269.

  • Guo, X., Lee, W. H., Noe, A, Shanov, V. N., and Heineman, W. R., (2013) Detection of trace zinc by an electrochemical microsensor based on carbon nanotube threads, Electroanalysis, 25(7), 1599-1604.

  • Lee, W. H., Choi, W-H., Guo, X., Heineman, W. R., and Bishop, P. L., (2012) Material science chemistry of electrochemical microsensors and applications for biofilm research, Key Engineering Materials: Innovation in Materials Science II, 521, 113-139.

  • Pressman, J. G., Lee, W. H., Bishop, P. L., and Wahman, D. G., (2012) Effect of free ammonia concentration on monochloramine penetration within a nitrifying biofilm and its effect on activity, viability, and recovery, Water Research, 46, 882-894

  • Lee, W. H., Lee, J-H., Choi, W-H., Hosni, A., Papautsky, I., Bishop, P. L., (2011) Needle-type environmental microsensors: design, construction and uses of microelectrode and multi-analyte MEMS sensor arrays, Measurement Science and Technology, 22, 042001 (22pp).