Woo Hyoung Lee

Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering



Engineering II (bldg. 91) 406




  • Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Environmental Engineering University of Cincinnati

M.S. Environmental Engineering Korea University, Seoul, Korea

B.S. Environmental Engineering Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Korea

Research Interests

In situ aquatic microsensor, biofilm disinfection, biocorrosion, water reuse

Selected Publications

  • Lee. W. H., Wahman, D. G., and Pressman, J. G., (2013) Amperometric carbon fiber nitrite microsensor for in situ biofilm monitoring, Sensors and Actuators B, 188, 1263-1269.
  • Guo, X., Lee, W. H., Noe, A, Shanov, V. N., and Heineman, W. R., (2013) Detection of trace zinc by an electrochemical microsensor based on carbon nanotube threads, Electroanalysis, 25(7), 1599-1604.
  • Lee, W. H., Choi, W-H., Guo, X., Heineman, W. R., and Bishop, P. L., (2012) Material science chemistry of electrochemical microsensors and applications for biofilm research, Key Engineering Materials: Innovation in Materials Science II, 521, 113-139.
  • Pressman, J. G., Lee, W. H., Bishop, P. L., and Wahman, D. G., (2012) Effect of free ammonia concentration on monochloramine penetration within a nitrifying biofilm and its effect on activity, viability, and recovery, Water Research, 46, 882-894
  • Lee, W. H., Lee, J-H., Choi, W-H., Hosni, A., Papautsky, I., Bishop, P. L., (2011) Needle-type environmental microsensors: design, construction and uses of microelectrode and multi-analyte MEMS sensor arrays, Measurement Science and Technology, 22, 042001 (22pp).