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Recent Publications

  • Çakıt, E., Karwowski, W. and Servi., L., 2019. Application of Soft-Computing Techniques For Estimating Emotional States Expressed In Twitter Time Series Data. Neural Computing and Applications (accepted)
  • Karwowski, W., Kern, D., Murata, A., Ahram, T., Franco, E. G., Sapkota, and N., Marek, T., 2018. The Complexity of Human Performance Variability on Watchstanding Task. Applied Ergonomics.
  • Murata A. and Karwowski W., 2018. Automatic Lock of Cursor Movement: Implications for an Efficient Eye-gaze Input Method for Drag and Menu Selection. IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems, DOI: 10.1109 /THMS.2018. 2884737
  • Muhs, K., Karwowski, W. and Kern, D., 2018, Temporal Variability in Human Performance; A Systematic Literature Review, International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 64, 31-50.
  • Karwowski, W., 2012, A Review of Human Factors Challenges of Complex Adaptive Systems Discovering and Understanding Chaos in Human Performance. Human Factors, 54 (6), 983-995
  • Daraiseh, N., Cronin, S.N, Davis, L.S., Shell R.L. and W. Karwowski, 2010, Low Back Symptoms Among Hospital Nurses, Associations To Individual Factors And Pain In Multiple Body Regions International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 40 (1), 19-24.
  • Jang, R.L., Karwowski, W., Quesada, P.M., Rodrick, D., Sherehiy, B., Cronin, S.N. and Layer, J. K., 2007, Biomechanical Evaluation Of Nursing Tasks In A Hospital Setting. Ergonomics, 50 (11) 1835-1855
  • Sherehiy, B., Karwowski, W. and Layer, J. K., 2007, A Review of Enterprise Agility: Concepts, Frameworks and Attributes. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 37(5), 445-460
  • Karwowski, W., 2005, Ergonomics and Human Factors: The Paradigms for Science, Engineering, Design, Technology, and Management of Human-Compatible Systems. Ergonomics, 48 (5), 436 – 463.


  • Texas Tech University Industrial Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland Production Engineering (M.S.)


Human factors, ergonomics, human systems integration, systems engineering, safety management, complex systems, nonlinear dynamics, neuroergonomics.

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