Steven Duranceau

Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering



  • Professor


  • Editorial Board, Membranes (MDPI Switzerland)
  • Associate Editor, Desalination and Water Treatment (Taylor & Francis)


  • Director Environmental Systems Engineering Institute


  • Faculty Advisor to Society of Environmental Engineers


Ph.D. Environmental Engineering University of Central Florida

M.S. Industrial Chemistry University of Central Florida

B.S. Chemistry Florida State University

Research Interests

Environmental Engineering; Potable Water Quality and Treatment; Water Distribution System Infrastructure; Corrosion Control; Membranes; Desalination; Disinfection

Selected Publications

  • Boyd, C. and S.J. Duranceau. “Membrane Filtration System Fouling Evaluation Using A Novel Transmembrane Pressure (TMP) Balance Approach.” Journal of Membrane Science. 446: 456-464 (2013).
  • Fang, Y. and S.J. Duranceau. “Modeling Mass Transfer Using Surface Morphology in Full-Scale Reverse Osmosis Membrane Processes.” Desalination and Water Treatment. 51:34-36, 6459-6471 (2013).
  • Duranceau, S.J. Determination of Total Iodide in Seawater Permeate. Desalination. Vol. 261; 251-254 (2010).
  • Duranceau, S.J., H.R. Palmer and R.J. Wilder. “Bottled Water Storage Location and Its Impact on Bacteriological Quality.” International Journal of Environmental Health Research. 22(6):543-59 (2012).
  • Duranceau, S.J. and J.S Taylor, “Chapter 11 Membrane Processes” in Water Quality and Treatment, 6th Edition. Ed. J. K. Edzwald. New York: McGraw-Hill; pages 11-1 to 11-106 (2010).