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Recent Publications

  • Xie, S.H., Li, Y.J., Wang, C.Y., Low, K.B., Ye, K.L., Kim, D., Zhang, X., Li, Y.B., Zhang, Y., Shi, F.Y., Ma, L., Ehrlich, S.N., and Liu, F.D. (2023). “Silica modulated palladium catalyst with superior activity for the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides with hydrogen.” Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 327, 122437.
  • Tan, W., Xie, S.H., Le, D., Diao, W.J., Wang, M.Y., Low, K.B., Austin, D., Hong, S., Gao, F., Dong, L., Ma, L., Ehrlich, S.N., Rahman, T.S., and Liu, F.D. (2022). “Fine-tuned local coordination environment of Pt single atoms on ceria controls catalytic reactivity.” Nature Communications, 13(1): 7070
  • Xie, S.H., Liu, L.P., Lu, Y., Wang, C.Y., Cao, S.F., Diao, W.J., Deng, J.G., Tan, W., Ma, L., Ehrlich, S.N., Li, Y.B., Zhang, Y., Ye, K.L., Xin, H.L., Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, M., and Liu, F.D. (2022). “Pt atomic single-layer catalyst embedded in defect-enriched ceria for efficient CO oxidation”. Journal of American Chemical Society, 144(46): 21255-21266. (Supplementary Cover Article)
  • Xie, S.H., Zhang, X., Xu, P., Hatcher, B., Liu, Y.X., Ma, L., Ehrlich, S.N., Hong, S., and Liu, F.D. (2022). “Effect of surface acidity modulation on Pt/Al2O3 single atom catalyst for carbon monoxide oxidation and methanol decomposition.” Catalysis Today, 402: 149-16
  • Xie, S.H., Tan, W., Li, Y.J., Ma, L., Ehrlich, S.N., Deng, J.G., Xu, P., Gao, F., Dong, L., and Liu, F.D. (2022). “Copper single atom-triggered niobia–ceria catalyst for efficient low-temperature reduction of nitrogen oxides.” ACS Catalysis, 12(4): 2441–2453.
  • Xie, S.H., Tan, W., Wang, C.Y., Arandiyan, H., Garbrecht, M., Ma, L., Ehrlich, S.N., Xu, P., Li, Y.B., Zhang, Y., Collier, S., Deng, J.G., and Liu, F.D. (2022). “A surface modulation approach facilitating highly stable Pt-Ceria catalyst for CO oxidation.” Journal of Catalysis, 405: 236-248.
  • Xie, S.H., Wang, Z.W., Tan, W., Zhu, Y.T., Collier, S., Ma, L., Ehrlich, S.N., Xu, P., Yan, Y., Xu, T., Deng, J.G., and Liu, F.D. (2021). “Highly active and stable palladium catalysts on novel ceria–alumina supports for efficient oxidation of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.” Environmental Science & Technology, 55: 7624–7633. (Cover Article)
  • Xie, S.H., Liu, Y.X., Deng, J.G., Yang, J., Zhao, X.T., Han, Z., Zhang, K.F., Lu, Y., Liu, F.D., and Dai, H.X. (2020). “Carbon monoxide oxidation over rGO-mediated gold/cobalt oxide catalysts with strong metal–support interaction.” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 28: 31467–31476.


  • Beijing University of Technology, 2017 Applied Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  • Tianjin University of Science and Technology, 2011 Material Chemistry (B.S.)


Environmental catalysts, energy conversion, single-atom catalysis, porous-materials and nanomaterials synthesis

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