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Robert Andrew Jane is a research assistant professor of coastal risks and engineering at the UCF Department of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering. He has a secondary joint appointment with the National Center for Integrated Coastal Research. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics in 2013 from the University of Plymouth, United Kingdom. He subsequently undertook a Ph.D. in civil engineering at the same institution and in collaboration with HR Wallingford, which saw him develop multivariate fragility representation for coastal flood defense assets. After graduating in 2018, he briefly held a postdoc position at UoP before moving to an equivalent post at UCF in 2019. In his research, he uses statistical methods to improve our understanding and ability to make predictions about environmental phenomena to support effective water resource management. Since joining UCF, he has examined the potential for coincident flood, pollution events in rivers, developed a framework for deriving design conditions for flood defenses exposed to multiple drivers, and quantified the likely useful lifetime of current defenses under rising sea levels.

Recent Publications

  • Nasr, A. A., Wahl, T., Rashid, M. M., Jane, R., Camus, P., and Haigh, I. D. (2023) Temporal Changes in Dependence between Compound Coastal and Inland Flooding Drivers around the Contiguous United States Coastline, Weather and Climate Extremes, 41, 100594. 1016/j.wace.2023.100594.
  • Hermans, T. H. J., Malagón-Santos, V., Katsman, C. A., Jane, R., Rasmussen, D. J., Haasnoot, M., Garner, G. G., Kopp, R. E., Oppenheimer, M., and Slangen, A. B. A. (2023) The Timing of Decreasing Coastal Flood Protection Due to Sea-Level Rise, Nature Climate Change
  • Kim, T., Villarini, G., Kim, H., Jane, R., and Wahl, T. (2023). On the Compounding of Nitrate Loads and Discharge, Journal of Environmental Quality, 52, 706– 717.
  • Peña, F., Obeysekera, J., Jane R., Nardi, F., Maran, C., Cadogan, A., de Groen, F., and Melesse, A. (2023) Investigating compound flooding in a low elevation coastal karst environment using multivariate statistical and 2D hydrodynamic modeling, Weather and Climate Extremes, 39, 100534.
  • Kim, H., Villarini, G., Jane, R., Wahl, T., Misra, S., and Michalek, A. (2023). On the generation of high-resolution probabilistic design events capturing the joint occurrence of rainfall and storm surge in coastal basins, International Journal of Climatology, 43(2), 761– 771.
  • Jane, R., Santos, V. M., Rashid, M. M., Doebele, L., Wahl, T., Timmers, S. R., Serafin, K. A., Schmied, L., and Lindemer, C. (2022) A Hybrid Framework for Rapidly Locating Transition Zones: a Comparison of Event- and Response-based Return Water Levels in the Suwannee River FL, Water Resources Research, 58, e2022WR032481.
  • Jane, R., Wahl, T., Cadavid, L., and Obeysekera, J. (2020) Multivariate statistical modelling of the drivers of compound flood events in Miami-Dade County (USA), Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 20, 2681-2699




Coastal engineering, multivariate statistics, compound flooding, flood risk analysis, sea level rise

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