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Raj Vaidyanathan


Department: Materials Science and Engineering
Phone: 407-882-1180
Office: Engineering I Room 111
Website: N/A
Resume: N/A

Research Interests: Shape memory alloys; in situ neutron diffraction at stress and temperature; mechanical behavior; actutator development; medical alloy development

  • Ph.D. MIT PhD
  • Professor
  • Advisor to Materials Advantage Student Chapter (ASM, TMS, ACers, AIST)
  • Key Reader for Met Mater Trans A
  • O. Benafan, W. Notardonato and R. Vaidyanathan, “Design and development of a shape memory alloy activated heat pipe based thermal switch”, Smart Mater Struct, 22 10 (2013) 105017.

  • O. Benafan, R.D. Noebe, S.A. Padula II, A. Garg, B. Clausen, S. Vogel and R. Vaidyanathan, “Temperature dependent deformation of B2 austenite in a NiTi shape-memory alloy”, Int J Plasticity 51 (2013) 103.

  • O. Benafan, S.A. Padula II, R.D. Noebe, D.W. Brown, B. Clausen and R. Vaidyanathan, “An in situ neutron diffraction study of shape setting shape-memory NiTi”, Acta Mater 61 10 (2013) 3585.

  • O. Benafan, R.D. Noebe, S.A. Padula II, D.J. Gaydosh, B.A. Lerch, A. Garg, G.S. Bigelow, K. An and R. Vaidyanathan, “Temperature dependent behavior of a polycrystalline NiTi shape-memory alloy around the transformation regime”, Scripta Mater 68 8 (2013) 571.

  • S. Padula II, S. Qiu, D. Gaydosh, R.D. Noebe, G. Bigelow, A. Garg and R. Vaidyanathan, “Effect of upper-cycle temperature on the load-biased, strain-temperature response of NiTi”, Met Trans A 43 A (2012) 4610.