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Associate Professor Nina Orlovskaya works in design and development of novel advanced ceramics and ceramic composites. She graduated from Kiev Polytechnic Institute, with a B.S./M.S. in ceramics and she obtained her Ph.D. in materials science from the Institute for Problems of Materials Science at the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences in Kiev.

She worked as a postdoc at the University of Vienna in Austria, the University of Hamburg-Harburg in Germany, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway. Her teaching interest lies in solid mechanics, research methods in mechanical and aerospace engineering and the introduction to ceramic materials, among others. Her favorite course to teach is “Science and Technology of Fuel Cells."

Orlovskaya works on oxide and non-oxide ceramics and ceramic composites studying their synthesis, processing conditions, structural properties and mechanical behavior. Her interest in oxide ceramics lies in the area of electrochemically active ceramics mostly with fluorite and perovskite structures that are used for solid oxide fuel cells, oxygen separation membranes, chemical sensors or catalysis.

She and her students use presureless sintering to process Sc2O3, CeO2 or Y2O3 doped ZrO2, Gd2O3 doped CeO2, and LaCoO3, LaMnO3, LaFeO3 based perovskites. She studies oxide crystal structure using X-ray and neutron diffraction as well as micro-Raman spectroscopy, and she studies their instantaneous and time dependent mechanical behavior using four point bending and uniaxial compression.

Recent Publications

  • Terracciano, A.C., De Oliveira, S.T., Vasu, S.S., Orlovskaya, N., LaCoO3 catalytically enhanced MgO partially stabilized ZrO2 in heterogeneous methane combustion, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 90, 330-335, 2018.
  • Lugovy, M., Orlovskaya, N., Pathak, S., Lara-Curcio, E., Radovic, M., Verbulo, D., Kuebler, J., Reece, M., Time and frequency dependent mechanical properties of LaCoO3 based perovskites: I. Negative creep and internal friction, Appl. Phys, 124, 20, 205103, 2018.
  • Lugovy, M., Orlovskaya, N., Graule, T., Kuebler, J., Reece, M., Chen, Y., Ma, D., An, K., Time and frequency dependent mechanical properties of LaCoO3 based perovskites: II. Neutron diffraction and domain mobility, Appl. Phys, 124, 20, 205104, 2018.
  • Lugovy, M., Orlovskaya, N., Slyunyayev,V., Mitrentsis, E., Neumann, M., Aneziris, C., Jelitto, H., Schneider, G.A., Kuebler, J., Comparative study of static and cyclic fatigue of ZrB2-SiC ceramic composites, Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 38, 4, 1128-1135, 2018
  • Terracciano, A.C., De Oliveira, S., Vazquez-Molina, D., Uribe-Romo, F.J., Vasu, S.S., Orlovskaya, N., Effect of catalytically active Ce8Gd0.2O1.9 coating on the heterogeneous combustion of methane within MgO stabilized ZrO2 porous ceramics, Combustion and Flame, 180, 32-39, 2017.
  • Orlovskaya, N., Xie, Z., Blair, R., Mechanochemical synthesis of hexagonal OsB2, US 9,701, 542 B2, 2017.
  • Aman, A., Jordan, R., Chen, Y., Stadelman, R., Lugovy, M., Orlovskaya, N., Payzant, A., dela Cruz, C., Reece, M.J., Graule, T., Kuebler, J., Non-congruence of high temperature mechanical and structural behaviors of LaCoO3 based perovskites, Euro. Ceram. Soc., 37, 4, 1563-1576, 2017.
  • Xie, Z., Blair, R.G., Orlovskaya, N., Cullen, D.A., Kata, D., Rutkowski, P., Lis, J., Qin, N., T-Raissi, A., Oxygen interaction with hexagonal OsB2 at high temperature, Am. Ceram. Soc., 99, 12, 4057-4065, 2016.
  • Stadelmann, R., Lugovy, M., Orlovskaya, N., Mchaffey, P., Radovic, M., Sglavo, V.M., Grasso, S., Reece, M.J., Mechanical properties and residual stresses in ZrB2-SiC spark plasma sintered ceramic composites, Journal of European Ceramic Society, 36, 7, 1527-1537, 2016.
  • Xie, Z., Terracciano, A., Cullen, D.A., Blair, R., Orlovskaya, N., In a search for an elusive IrB2: Can mechanochemistry help?, of Solid State Chemistry, 233, 108-119, 2016.


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Ceramics and ceramic composites, Mechanical properties, Raman spectroscopy, Energy conversion, Ceramic processing

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