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Ni-Bin Chang


Department: CECE
Phone: 407-823-1375
Office: Engineering II Room 442B
Resume: Download CV

Research Interests: environmental sustainability, systems analysis, remote sensing and sensor network, data mining and evolutionary computing, knowledge discovery and image reasoning, environmental and ecosystem modeling, climate change, ecological engineering, ecosystem and environmental restoration, environmental monitoring and impact assessment, stromwater management and low impact development, waste management, hydrometeorology, water resources management

  • Ph.D. Cornell University Ph.D.
  • M.S. Cornell University Master of Science
  • B.S. National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan Bachelor of Science
  • Professor
  • SPIE Official Journal of Applied Remote Sensing (guest editor, associate editor) (editor-in-chief, current)
  • Journal of Water Quality, Exposure and Health (associate editor) (current)
  • International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (associate editor) (current)
  • ISEIS Official Journal of Environmental Informatics (founding editor-in-chief, guest editor) (associate editor) (current)
  • Advances in Water Resources (editorial board member) (current)
  • Ecological Informatics (guest editor, editorial board member) (current)
  • Journal of Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems (guest editor, editorial board member) (current)
  • Journal of Environmental Management (editorial board member) (current)
  • Stochastic Environmental Research & Risk Assessment (guest editor, editorial board member) (current)
  • Journal of Environmental Modeling & Assessment (guest editor, editorial board member) (current)
  • Frontiers of Earth Sciences (associate editor-in-chief) (current)
  • Grey Systems: Theory and Application (editorial board member) (current)
  • Journal of Hydroinformatics (editorial board member) (current)
  • Earth Science Informatics (editorial board member) (current)
  • Journal of Cleaner Production (editorial board member) (current)
  • International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning (editorial board member) (current)
  • ASCE Official Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Management, ASCE (guest editor, editorial board member) (retired)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Review (editorial board member) (retired)
  • ASCE Official Journal of Hydrological Engineering (guest editor, associate editor) (retired)
  • AGU Official Journal of Water Resources Research (associate editor) (retired)
  • Environnemental Management (editorial board member) (retired)
  • Director, Stormwater Management Academy
  • Chang, N. B., Xuan, Z., and Yang, J. 2013. Exploring Spatiotemporal Patterns of Nutrient Concentrations in a Coastal Bay with MODIS Images and Machine Learning Models. Remote Sensing of Environment, 134:100-110.

  • Qi, C. and Chang, N. B. 2012. Integrated Carbon Footprint and Cost Evaluation in a Drinking Water Infrastructure System for Screening Expansion Alternatives. Journal of Cleaner Production, 27:51-63.

  • Chang, N. B., Qi, C. and Yang, J. 2012. Optimal Expansion of a Drinking Water Infrastructure System with Respect to Carbon Footprint, Cost Effectiveness, and Water Demand. Journal of Environmental Management, 110:194-206.

  • Chang, N. B., Xuan, Z., Marimon, Z., Islam, K., and Wanielista, M. P. 2013. Exploring Hydrobiogeochemical Processes of Floating Treatment Wetlands in a Subtropical Stormwater Wet Pond. Ecological Engineering, 54:66-76.

  • Marimon, Z. A., Xuan, Z., and Chang, N. B. 2013. System Dynamics Modeling with Sensitivity Analysis for Floating Treatment Wetlands in a Stormwater Wet Pond. Ecological Modelling, 267:66– 79.