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Natalia Barbour

Assistant Professor

Department: CE&CE
Office: Engineering II Room 301H
Website: Natalia Barbour
Resume: N/A

Research Interests: Travel behavior, transportation safety, sustainable mobility adaptation, statistical and econometric modeling, transportation equity

  • Ph.D. University of South Florida Civil Engineering
  • Assistant Professor
  • Barbour, N., Mannering, F., 2023. Intended cycling frequency and the role of happiness and environmental friendliness after COVID-19. Scientific Reports 13, 636, 1–9.

  • Barbour, N., van Maggelen, D., 2023. Students’ well-being and factors impacting it during the COVID-19 pandemic – early findings from Delft University of Technology. European Journal of Engineering Education 48(3), 1–20.

  • Büth, C., Barbour, N., Abdel-Aty, M., 2023. Effectiveness of bicycle helmets and injury prevention – a systematic review of meta-analyses. Scientific Reports 13, 8540.

  • Singh, J., de Almeida Correia, G., van Wee, B., Barbour, N., 2023. Change in departure time for a train trip to avoid crowding during the COVID-19 pandemic: a latent class study in the Netherlands. Transportation Research Part A 103628.

  • Luong, T., Barbour, N., Maness, M. 2023. Analyzing the relationships between frequency of leisure activity participation and social capital. Transportation Research Record 0(0).

  • Barbour, N., 2023. Transport and the environment (Chapter 10). The Transport System and Transport Policy. Second Edition. Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc.

Website: Natalia Barbour