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Mohamed Abdel-Aty

Deputy Director, Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation

Department: Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering
Phone: 407-823-4535
Office: Engineering II 211-W
Resume: Download CV

Research Interests: Traffic safety Analysis, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Big Data, Simulation, Travel Demand

  • Ph.D. University of California, Davis Transportation Engineering
  • Deputy Director, Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation
  • American Society of Highway Engineers
  • Editor-in-Chief (July 2013 – present), Accident Analysis and Prevention, Elsevier,
  • Member, Editorial Board, ITS Journal, Taylor & Francis (2003 – ongoing)
  • Member, Editorial Board, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, Taylor & Francis (2013 – present).
  • Chair, Civil. Environmental & Construction Engineering Department
  • Das A. and Abdel-Aty M. (2010) A Genetic Programming Approach to Explore the Crash Severity on Multi Lane Roads, Accident Analysis & Prevention, Elsevier, Volume 42, Issue 2, Pages 548-557.

  • Abdel-Aty M. and Gayah V. (2010) Real-time Crash Risk Reduction on Freeways Using Coordinated and Uncoordinated Ramp Metering Approaches, ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, Volume 136, No. 5. pp. 410-423.

  • Ahmed M. and Abdel-Aty M. (2012) The Viability of Using Automatic Vehicle Identification Data for Real-Time Crash Prediction, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Vol 13, No. 2, pp. 459-468.

  • Abdel-Aty M., Lee J., Siddiqui C. and Choi K. (2013) Geographical Unit Based Analysis in the context of Transportation Safety Planning, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Vol 49 (2013), pp. 62–75.

  • Yu R. and Abdel-Aty M. (2014) Analyzing Crash Injury Severity for a Mountainous Freeway Incorporating Real-time Traffic and Weather Data, Journal of Safety Science, Volume 63, March 2014, Pages 50-56.