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Michael Kinzel is an assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at UCF. He holds a doctoral degree and a master's degree in aerospace engineering from Penn State University and a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Northern Arizona University. Kinzel’s research spans basic and applied research for multiphase fluid flows and aero/hydrodynamics using computational fluid dynamics. His experience spans a wide range of applications including: aircraft (V/STOL, ice accretion), wind turbines, marine vehicles, atmospheric flows, chemical reactors, nuclear waste processing, food processing, biomedical and acoustics.

Recent Publications

  • Kinzel, M.P., Lindau, JW, Kunz, RF, 2019 (Accepted) “An Assessment of Computational Fluid Dynamics Cavitation Models Using Bubble Growth Theory and Bubble Transport Modeling,” Journal of Fluids Engineering
  • Hanson, D.R., Kinzel, M.P., McClain, S.T., 2019. "Validation of the discrete element roughness method for predicting heat transfer on rough surfaces," International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 136, pp. 1217-1232
  • Fronzeo, M.A., Kinzel, M.P., Lindau, J.W., 2019. "An assessment of pressure variations in artificially ventilated cavities," Ocean Engineering, 177, pp. 85-96
  • Thedin, R., Kinzel, M.P., Horn, J.F. and Schmitz, S., 2018. “Coupled Simulations of Atmospheric Turbulence-Modified Ship Airwakes and Helicopter Flight Dynamics,” Journal of Aircraft, pp.1-13
  • Kakuturu, S., Xiao, M., and Kinzel, M., 2018. "Effects of Maximum Particle Size on the Results of Hydrometer Tests on Soils," Geotechnical Testing Journal
  • Cole, J.A., Maughmer, M.D., Kinzel, M. and Bramesfeld, G., 2018. “Higher-Order Free-Wake Method for Propeller–Wing Systems,” Journal of Aircraft, pp.1-16.
  • Hanson, D.R. and Kinzel, M.P., 2018. “Evaluation of a Subgrid-Scale Computational Fluid Dynamics Model for Ice Roughness,” Journal of Aircraft, pp.1-13.
  • Thedin, R., Kinzel, M.P. and Schmitz, S., 2018. “An Evaluation of the Effects of Resolved Shear-Driven Atmospheric Turbulence on Ship Airwakes,” Journal of the American Helicopter Society, 63(2), pp.1-16
  • Kinzel, M.P., Lindau, J.W. and Kunz, R.F., 2018. “A multiphase level-set approach for all-Mach numbers,” Computers & Fluids, 167, pp.1-16
  • Chang, O., Kinzel, M., Dilmore, R. and Wang, J.Y., 2018. “Physics of Proppant Transport Through Hydraulic Fracture Network,” Journal of Energy Resources Technology, 140(3), p.032912




Computational fluid dynamics, Aerodynamics, Multiphase flow, Heat transfer, Fluid dynamics

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