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Recent Publications

  • Mackie K.R., Lu J., and Elgamal A. 2012. Performance-based earthquake assessment of bridge systems including ground-foundation interaction. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. 42: 184-196
  • Haber Z.B., Mackie K.R., and Zhao L. 2012. Mechanical and environmental loading of concrete beams strengthened with epoxy and polyurethane matrix carbon fiber laminates. Construction and Building Materials. 26: 604-612
  • Mackie K.R., Wong J-M., and Stojadinovic B. 2011. Bridge damage and loss scenarios calibrated by schematic design and cost estimation of repairs. Earthquake Spectra. 27(4): 1127-1145
  • Xia J., Mackie K.R., Saleem M.A., and Mirmiran A. 2011. Shear failure analysis on ultra-high performance concrete beams reinforced with high strength steel. Engineering Structures. 33: 3597-3609
  • Mackie K.R., Cronin K.J., and Nielson B.G. 2011. Response sensitivity of highway bridges to randomly oriented multi-component earthquake excitation. Journal of Earthquake Engineering. 15(6): 850-876


  • University of California Berkeley Structural Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • University of California Berkeley Structural Engineering (M.S.)
  • The Cooper Union Civil Engineering (B.S.)


Performance-based engineering, multiple-hazard assessment, high performance materials and composites, sustainability assessment, structural reliability and engineering under uncertainty

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