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Dr. Hu’s research interests and expertise are in biogeochemistry in managed soil and water systems, with an emphasis on greenhouse gas emission mitigation, and nature-based solutions and ecological engineering for water quality improvement. Her research work has been published in Nature Climate Change, Ecological Engineering, Science of the Total Environment, Journal of Geophysical Research, and Journal of Hazardous Materials, etc. Dr. Hu is an Associate Editor for Soil and Water Management of Agronomy Journal and a Founding Young Editorial Board Member for Soil and Environmental Health Journal.

Recent Publications

  • J Hu, DM Mile, A Adeli, JP Brooks, FA Podrebarac, R Smith, F Lei, X Li, JN Jenkins, RJ Moorhead. 2023. Effects of cover crop and soil amendments on soil CO2 flux in Mississippi corn cropping system on upland soil. Environments 10: 19 (IF: 3.7).
  • B Lu, J Qian, J Hu, Y Huang, P Wang, J Shen, Y He, S Tang, Y Liu, F Liu, F Li. 2023. Plant rhizosphere defense system respond differently to emerging Polyfluoroalkyl substances F-53B and PFOS Stress. Journal of Hazardous Materials 443: 130119 (IF: 14.224).
  • J Qian, B Lu, J Hu, P Wang, W Jin, S Tang, K Li, X He. 2022. The role of fine root morphology in nitrogen uptake by riparian plants. Plant and Soil 472: 527-542 (IF: 4.993).


  • China Agricultural University Agricultural Structure Environment & Energy Engineering (B.S.)
  • China Agricultural University Agricultural Bio-environment & Energy Engineering (M.S.)
  • University of Florida Soil and Water Sciences (Ph.D.)


Greenhouse gas emission in natural and managed systems, carbon storage and sequestration, treatment wetlands, biogeochemical processes and management of nutrients and contaminants in soil-plant-water systems

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