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Recent Publications

  • Mert, G.†, Zhang, W., Manage, N.†, Mbengue, M.†, Bolyard, S., and Chen, J.* (2023). Survey on the current leachate treatments of public municipal solid waste landfills and the potential impact of per- and polyfluorinatedalkyl substances in the eastern and northwestern united states, Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 73(8), 638-648. (IF= 2.7).
  • He, L.*, Lu, X., Copeland, T.†, Chen, J., Yan, J., and Zhao, W. (2023). The impact of shear rate on the mechanical behavior of rock joints under multiple-influencing factors, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 1-18. (IF= 6.518).
  • Chen, X., Yu, T., Copeland, T.†, Chen, J., Peng, D.*, and Huang, T. (2023). Influencing factors and controlling mechanisms of polymer elution and hydraulic conductivity of polymer-bentonite geosynthetic clay liners to bauxite liquors, Applied Clay Science, Accepted. (IF= 5.907).


  • Southwest Jiaotong University Civil and Environmental Engineering (B.S.)
  • University of Wisconsin at Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering (Ph.D.)


Smart barrier materials for waste containment; mining waste and low-level radioactive waste management; slope remediation and stability; flow and contaminant transport in saturated and unsaturated soils; life-cycle analysis for solid waste management; resource recovery

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