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Hatem Abou-Senna

Associate Professor

Department: CECE
Phone: 407-823-0808
Office: Engineering II Room 301E
Resume: Download CV

Research Interests: Traffic Engineering, Transportation Planning, Microscopic Traffic Simulation models, ITS applications, Air Quality

  • Ph.D. University of Central Florida Transportation Engineering
  • M.S. University of Central Florida Transportation Engineering
  • M.S. Cairo University Traffic, Airport & Roadway Engineering
  • B.S. Cairo University Civil Engineering
  • Associate Professor
  • Graduate Faculty Scholar
  • CATSS, Transportation & Air Quality Program Director
  • Abou-Senna, H., Radwan, E., Westerlund, K., Cooper, D. 2013. Using a Traffic Simulation Model (VISSIM) with an Emissions Model (MOVES) to Predict Emissions from Vehicles on a Limited Access Highway. Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA). 63(7):819-831.

  • Abou-Senna, H., Radwan, E. 2013. VISSIM/MOVES Integration To Investigate the Effect of Major Key Parameters on Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions. Transportation Research-Part D: Transport and Environment. 21:39-46.

  • Abou-Senna, H., Radwan, E. 2013. Microscopic Assessment of Vehicular Emissions for Managed Lanes and General Use Lanes. Environmental Pollution and Remediation (IJEPR).

  • Abou-Senna, H., Radwan, E., Harb, R., Navarro, A., Chalise, S. (2014). An Interactive Decision Support System for Predicting Flashing Yellow Arrow Left-Turn Mode by Time of Day. Transportation Research Record.

  • Abou-Senna, H., Radwan, E. 2014. Developing a Microscopic Transportation Emissions Model to Estimate Carbon Dioxide Emissions on Limited Access Highways. Transportation Research Record.