Avelino Gonzalez

Computer Science



Harris Engineering Center (bldg. 116) 329



  • Director, International Engineering Program


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering University of Pittsburgh

M.S. Electrical Engineering University of Miami

B.S. Electrical Engineering University of Miami

A.A. Associate of Arts Miami-Dade Junior College

Research Interests

Intelligent systems; machine learning from observation; embodied conversational agents;

Selected Publications

  • Stein, G., Gonzalez, A.J. and Barham, C. (2013) Machines that Learn and Teach Seamlessly. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies. 6(4): 389-402.
  • Trinh, V.C. and A. J. Gonzalez (2013) Identifying Contexts from Observed Human Performance. IEEE Transactions on Human Machine Systems. 43(4): 359-370.
  • Gonzalez, A.J., R.F. DeMara, V. C. Hung, C. Leon-Barth, M. Elvir, J.R. Hollister, L. Soros, S. Kobosko, J. Leigh, A. Johnson, S. Jones, G. Carlson, J. Lee, L. Renambot and M. Brown. (2013) Passing an Enhanced Turing Test – Interacting with Lifelike Computer Representations of Specific Individuals. Journal of Intelligent Systems. 22(4): 365-415.
  • Batarseh, F. and A.J. Gonzalez. (2013) Incremental Lifecycle Validation of Knowledge-Based Systems through CommonKADS. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics: Systems. Part A. 43(3): 643-655.