Creates 3D biomaterial micro-environments to study cells and researches tissue replacement.

Steve Florczyk,

Assistant Professor

Dept of Materials Science and Engineering


Office: Engineering 1, Room 450

He is Also:

Director, UCF Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Cancer Research Laboratory

"I hope our research eliminates the need for tissue grafts and organ transplants and helps in the fight against cancer by patients growing their own tissue.”


Every day inside UCF’s Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Cancer Research Laboratory, Florczyk opens students’ eyes to the wide scope of possibilities in biomedical 3D structures (scaffolds). They culture stem cells on the scaffolds and then study the biological response. The team regularly collaborates with clinicians, biologists, material scientists, mechanical engineers and computer scientists for some of the world’s most advanced interdisciplinary medical engineering research.

Societal Impact

Florczyk hopes his groundbreaking tissue engineering and cancer research will improve health everywhere. Today, transplant patients receive tissue grafts from a cadaver or another human. Florczyk wants to make such treatments history. By building 3D structures from natural materials, they can culture stem cells and study the biological response. His vision is for patients to grow their own tissue and have it implanted. With Florczyk’s cancer research, we will one day be able to screen several drugs against a patient’s tumor cells and prescribe the best one for treatment.

Graduate Students

Advising one master’s student and two doctoral students.

Current Projects

Florczyk and his team are focused on producing biomaterial scaffolds to assess the influence of properties on breast cancer and prostate cancer cell response. He is also investigating the influence of biomaterial scaffold mechanical properties on mesenchymal stem cell differentiation.


Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington

National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology

M.S. Biomedical Materials Engineering Science, University of Washington

B.S. Ceramic Engineering, Alfred University

Courses He Teaches

EMA 5584 Biomaterials

EMA 5104 Intermediate Structures and Properties of Materials

ENG 3365 Structures and Properties of Materials


Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Cancer Research Laboratory

UCF’s Lake Nona campus, home of the UCF College of Medicine and anchor to Orlando’s Medical City

Lab Equipment and Capabilities

Biomaterials scaffold production and characterization using a Thinky mixer, mechanical tester, viscometer, lyophilizer, and FTIR spectroscopy.

Cell culture and characterization using biosafety cabinet, incubators, microscopes, Cytation 5 microscope and plate reader, and cryostorage.

Discoveries/Publication Highlights

Florczyk has 20 journal articles, one book chapter, and 452 citations published.